The Future of Office Spaces After a Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed office spaces as we know them. Back in March, many companies made the difficult decision to move employees to a work-from-home platform for safety purposes. Now, some companies are starting to consider the idea of transitioning back into the office. From safety barrier installation to permanent sanitation signage, the office is going to look far different upon return. Keep reading to learn about some major changes we expect to see in offices in the coming years.

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Color Psychology for Marketers & Merchandisers

Carefully choosing display elements is an essential step in any visual merchandising project and incorporating the right color for your brand or product can bring your display to the next level. But why not stick to a classic black or transparent scheme? While transparent or black display fixtures are usually a safe bet, research from reveals that 52% of shoppers won’t return to a store based on aesthetics alone. A study by shows that color advertisements engage customers 42% more than black and white.
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50 Holiday Shopping Statistics and Trends

The holiday season is a wonderful time of the year for consumers and retailers alike. During the last few months of the year, shoppers surge into shopping malls, small businesses, and online stores to purchase gifts for their winter celebrations.
However, competition can be stiff during this time of year, with almost every retailer vying to maximize their revenue. As a result, retailers that understand the motivations and purchasing habits of their shoppers stand to reap the most profit. Let’s take a look at key statistics and trends that retailers should leverage during this holiday season. Continue reading 50 Holiday Shopping Statistics and Trends