New Ways To Give Back Through Sales

Appeal to the kindness of people and share in the reward. Although the notion of giving back is on full display during holiday season, year-round charitable sponsorship builds customer loyalty, positive brand messaging, and holiday spirit that spans 12 months a year. Cause marketing or Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is when a company contributes to charitable causes and supports social issues while also making a profit, but this dual-purpose mindset has garnered devout followers especially after the challenging last few years. Here, four ways your business can spread good will and boost consumer relationships throughout the year!

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5 Creative Ways to Celebrate National Novel Writing Month In Your Bookstore

For major book retailers and small newsagents alike, November is the time to commemorate our favorite literary works and motivate young writers with inspiring exhibits of works from decades past.  From new coming of age works to classic tales, scribes and bookworms are looking to their favorite vendors to put together an arrangement of stories that honor the art of writing. But, with a catalog that runs the length of the Mississippi, it can often feel daunting to figure out what you want to present as a retailer and more importantly how to make those selections truly capture the attention of your consumer. There are a lot of ways to lure in your audience, it must be done creatively, sometimes using off-the-cuff display pieces, like space-saving tablet holders and often using a display piece with exact intent such as tabletop lecterns or podiums . Nonetheless, the books selected for display should be used to motivate consumers, because they are likely looking for inspiration as they work on their own works of art. According to, “To complete a 50,000-word work-in-progress within 30 days, you should plan to write an average of 1,667 words per day.” That’s a lot of typing! It’s also been said that to write well, you need to read well, making aspiring authors browse book aisles with absolute vocation. As a retailer, your mission – and business is to help them find what they are looking for – even if they’re browsing and don’t have a definitive find in mind – by using some of these indispensable display pieces to truly guide them to what they need to succeed!

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Simply Spectacular Fall Tablescape Displays Increase Sales!

Holiday season is here and there is not a better time than now to add charm, elegance, and sophistication to your home décor or retail displays with tablescapes – yes, it is a word. A tablescape is simply an arrangement of articles placed on a table that creates a decorative display. The aesthetic can range from simple to grandiose, vertical to horizontal, small to large and everything in between. Tablescapes entice friends, family – and customers. Here, easy Fall tablescape displays to include in your home or retail space.


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November is U.S Aviation Month! Here’s 4 Unique Ways to Display Your Model Airplanes

For Aviation enthusiasts everywhere November is an exciting time of year —we celebrate U.S Aviation month far and wide. It’s hard to believe that it has been only a little over one hundred years since the Wright brothers made history with their momentous flight in Kittyhawk, NC. According to, “On December 17, 1903, less than 10 people showed up to watch Orville and Wilbur Wright make history. In fact, most papers (only 3 carried the story in the USA) refused to print the press release of the Wright Brothers’ historic flight, believing it was not possible for a human to fly.” Man were they wrong!

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6 Easy and Effective Ways to Prep Your store for Black Friday

It’s that time of the year again — yes, retailers everywhere are preparing for the grand event of Black Friday, which this year falls on November 26. With holidays just up ahead, the excitement to shop is most definitely in the air and with that, store managers and visual planners will take to the drawing board to come up with out-of-the-box solutions to make their shops stand out amongst competitors during this fierce time in this spirited consumer climate. There is no time like the present to put a plan in action. Afterall, Black Friday starts earlier every year! Here, 6 tips to get sales rolling.

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4 Tips for Retailers Transitioning Between Seasons

A major plight of the seasons for retailers is transitioning and repurposing inventory to keep your store looking fresh and relevant for the season that is upon us. It’s been proven that stores and visual merchandisers who take the time to modify their plans and adjust to transitions will see a rise in in-store traffic and higher volume of sales. According to website, “One of the most basic reasons companies rearrange merchandise is to give their stores a fresh look. … In lieu of a lot of new products, rearranging merchandise presents a new look that causes regular customers to think they are getting a new experience. Some shoppers don’t go through the whole store on each visit.” Which is exactly why we have carved out 4 major ways you can refashion your store for each season without stress!


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4 Easy Ways to Child-Proof Your Home In Style

November is child safety and protection month and year after year, homeowners and retailers alike experience the struggle of finding stylish solutions to adorning the modern living space. According to an article on, “As many as 90% of unintentional injuries to children in the home can be prevented by child proofing correctly.” It’s important when having small children and babies to consider ways to keep your home secure without having to completely sacrifice your personal sense of design. Below are four helpful and easy ways to child-proof your living quarters and still have it feel like it’s a reflection of you!

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Festive Sugar Cookies: 4 Easy Ideas and Display Options To Increase Sales

Simplicity is key especially when cooking and decorating is involved. Time consuming recipes and intense party planning is definitely not on the menu this holiday season. To combat the time crunch and holiday expectations consider the dual-purpose ordinary classic sugar cookie. Both a delectable treat and extraordinary decorative item, sugar cookies appeal to the eyes and the appetite. An easy recipe like this one from All Recipes or this one from Food Network are brimming with pantry-ready staples and fridge-friendly ingredients – sugar, flour, butter, eggs, etc. that can be turned into a luscious lifesaver for busy folks supporting last-minute fundraisers, celebrating birthdays, holidays, or any special occasion and decorating at the same time. Just a word of advice, divide and save some of the dough for impromptu décor or scrumptious sweets in seconds. Here, a few ideas to make and display delectable merchandise that will fly off the plate and shelves.


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Favorite Fall Hat Displays

As the weather changes and the air becomes crisp and cool once again, it’s also the time of year where retailers and small shop owners alike put out the coveted wardrobe piece of the season — hats! Hats are a staple piece in cold weather wardrobes, but often are an afterthought to the common shopper, which is why it is so important to have clever, stand-out hat displays to get your target consumer to notice these beautiful items. Below we have highlighted some of our favorite fall hats and ways to have them stand out in your shop’s windows and showrooms.

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3 Festive Beverage Displays To Boost Sales

Enticing customers to purchase merchandise is nothing new to shop owners, whether it’s soft cashmere scarves in a myriad of autumnal colors during the last days of summer or festive ornaments beckoning gift-givers into the holiday season at Thanksgiving, retailers rustle up creative ways to keep consumers interested. Never is it more present than in specialty coffee shops or cafes. Beyond the scintillating smells wafting through the air, coffee – and tea – shops build masterful manipulators to upsell their mouthwatering merchandise. In an article on improving coffee shop sales, states 82% of purchase decisions are made in-store, many of which can be attributed to impulse buys. Ian Zimmerman, experimental psychologist suggests impulse buyers tend to buy to improve their mood – even if temporary. So, jump on the sales bandwagon this holiday season and offer a serving of smiles with these super simple yet effective ways to parlay festive feel-good vibes into profits.

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