Favorite Fall Hat Displays

As the weather changes and the air becomes crisp and cool once again, it’s also the time of year where retailers and small shop owners alike put out the coveted wardrobe piece of the season — hats! Hats are a staple piece in cold weather wardrobes, but often are an afterthought to the common shopper, which is why it is so important to have clever, stand-out hat displays to get your target consumer to notice these beautiful items. Below we have highlighted some of our favorite fall hats and ways to have them stand out in your shop’s windows and showrooms.


Flat Brim Fedora Hat – This classic style hat ages back to decades past. Known for its soft brim and pinched front, the fedora has a lengthwise crease on the crown. The positioning of the pinch can vary depending on the crown style – teardrop, diamond, center dent, etc. Popular for both men and women, this hat is an eye-catching staple to any outfit. Fedoras can be best displayed on a gridwall hat rack or even on a slatwall hook above a complementary outfit to provide consumers with motivation and fashion inspiration.


Wide Brim Floppy Hat– Typically made of wool, this equestrian style hat works perfectly with fall fashion. Display it on a slatwall hook over a suede vest and boots to give consumers an idea of how to truly put their best fashion foot forward this season. Noticeably detailed in design, make a wide brim floppy hat the focal point of your store plan by putting it inside a well-lit display case.


Wool Beanie Hat or Knit Hat– A common go-to hat choice for many folks, the wool beanie or knit hat is not only fashionable, but also quite warm. They are usually tapered at the top but fit snugly around the head to keep the hat secure. Versions of this cap include those with tassels, pom-poms, ear flaps, strings for tying under the chin, face or eyes and mouth cut-outs (balaclava). Perfect for any casual outfit, these foldable hats work best in your shop propped up in an acrylic adjustable dump bin display above trending hoodies and sweaters to get your customers in the spirit of the pumpkin season.


Newsboy Hat– The newsboy hat, otherwise known as the grandpa cap or Gatsby hat, has become fashion-relevant once again. According to the Gentleman’s Gazette, In the US and the UK, the flat cap and newsboy cap peaked in popularity in the 1910s and 1920s. The era did help popularize the term “newsboy” due to the boys who wore them when selling newspapers, but the hat was worn almost universally by the working class.” Today both men and women sport this hat over casual and formal attire, perhaps displaying this style hat in your shop on top of a rotating tie rack that also shows off complimentary ties that can be fashioned alongside this classic piece.


Bucket Hat– A bucket hat, also known to many as a fisherman’s hat is usually made from cotton and is light and airy. It’s perfect to sport on a perfect warm fall day and can be an ideal accessory to a light knit sweater or rain jacket. Use a slatwall hook to showcase this style above your favorite ensemble to really attract the masses.


Baseball Cap – Whether broadcasting your favorite sports team or a casual way to hide your bed head, the baseball cap is a classic choice when it comes to fall fashion. If a collector’s item or a luxury designer hat from brands such as Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, Rag & Bone, and more, you may want to show off your supply with a glossy acrylic hat display case to showcase the coveted headpiece in an alluring way.


Beret – This soft, round, flat crowned cap is the perfect accent piece on top of cold weather attire. Whether pairing it with a dapper peacoat or your favorite fall trench, it can really elevate the look of any outfit. Commonly crafted of wool or crocheted cotton, this elegant wardrobe item can be displayed on flashy acrylic blocks on a table display full of complementary scarves, sweaters, and jewelry


No matter what type of hats you are displaying this autumn, we hope that you feel a bit more prepared now that you have read some of these innovative fall store display ideas and have a few more clever tricks up your sleeve when displaying this season’s finest!