3 Festive Beverage Displays To Boost Sales

Enticing customers to purchase merchandise is nothing new to shop owners, whether it’s soft cashmere scarves in a myriad of autumnal colors during the last days of summer or festive ornaments beckoning gift-givers into the holiday season at Thanksgiving, retailers rustle up creative ways to keep consumers interested. Never is it more present than in specialty coffee shops or cafes. Beyond the scintillating smells wafting through the air, coffee – and tea – shops build masterful manipulators to upsell their mouthwatering merchandise. In an article on improving coffee shop sales, Bplans.com states 82% of purchase decisions are made in-store, many of which can be attributed to impulse buys. Ian Zimmerman, experimental psychologist suggests impulse buyers tend to buy to improve their mood – even if temporary. So, jump on the sales bandwagon this holiday season and offer a serving of smiles with these super simple yet effective ways to parlay festive feel-good vibes into profits.

Two Coffee Cups in Cheers Position


Create a Festive Fall Tray Display


Getting crafty is as easy as raking leaves, or at least hand-picking fall foliage – leaves, flowers, greens and placing them on a large black serving tray along with a small pumpkin or gourd. Next, place a coffee cup or two, napkins and perhaps a sugar and creamer and fill with packaged treats to promote purchases – cookie, anyone? In a week or so, swap out coffee cups for teacups and saucers and rotate merchandise for an effortless fresh updated display!


Fall Coffee Tray with Flowers on Blankets


Craft a Sip-and-Shop Section


You don’t have to wait for a specific date or special occasion to offer specialty coffees. Elicit oohs and ahhs with the scent of spiced pumpkin lattes, fresh brewed coffee with cinnamon and chocolate, or hazelnut swirls year-round. Whether seasonal – as in temporary, or a new feature -permanent, at the counter or bar, designate an area with a clear counter divider as a mixing station – for both beverages and social mingling. Position coaster holders nearby for branded paper or acrylic coasters to prompt customer browsing of complementary countertop basket displays or merchandise-filled roaming floor standing basket displays. Sipping and shopping, how very civil – and savvy!


Heart Latte Art with Pumpkins and Fall Orange Spcies


Design a Holiday Beverage Gift Bag Display


Don’t miss out on the tea-, coffee-, or hot chocolate-lover on everyone’s holiday list. Design a display with assorted products to mix-and-match complementary items and accessories to fill a basket, gift bag, acrylic box, or stocking! In addition to fragrant imported coffees, exotic teas, and luxurious hot chocolate blends are complementary items just waiting to become their perfect pair. Cluster chocolate-dipped sprinkled pretzels, packaged Christmas cookies, candy sticks, candy canes, honey sticks, marshmallows, chocolate spoons, colored sugar, candy confetti, tea sachets, flavored syrups and the like in clear rotating counter top displays, adjustable acrylic dump bins, containers set atop clear or colorful acrylic block risers, stacked on acrylic mirrored cube boxes or on conveniently portable displays to bring attention to the myriad of gift options. Additionally, place crates or bins with assorted baskets, gift bags and acrylic boxes nearby to promote purchases large and small.  Don’t forget to the bows, ribbons, and gift cards holder to place festive final touches on presents that are both personalized and profitable.


Gift box with coffee, coffee mug and treats


Consider these display concepts and adapt accordingly to themes, seasons, and holidays for year-round sales to boost customer engagement and your business’ bottom line.


Acrylic Black Tray bar with acrylic divider Clear Acrylic Coaster Set with Rack
Large Acrylic Black Serving Tray Bar Top Counter Clear Acrylic Divider Clear Acrylic Coaster Set with Rack
Two Tier Counter Top Display Acrylic 5-Sided Box with Shoebox Lid Oval Basket Display 3 Tier
Two Tier Countertop Display Acrylic 5-Sided Box w Shoebox Lid Oval Basket Display with 3 Tiers
Acrylic 10-Pocket Rotating Stand Acrylic Adjustable Dump Bin Florescent Blue Accent Acrylic Block
Acrylic 10-Pocket Rotating Stand Acrylic Adjustable Dump Bin Display Colorful Acrylic Block Risers
Silver Mirrored Cube Riser 5 Shelf Round Knockdown Display Acrylic 5-Sided Box with Hinged Lid
Silver Mirrored Cube Riser 5-Shelf  Round Knockdown Display Acrylic 5-Sided Box with Hinged Lid