Daylight Savings is Coming: Time to Talk Timepieces

With daylight savings right around the corner on Sunday, November 7, there’s no better time to talk about timepieces. According to an article written by journalist Jacob Gallagher of the Wall Street Journal, “An old workplace adage says you shouldn’t wear a watch that’s fancier than your boss’s and your watch says more about your status and lifestyle than you think!” Timepieces have been a signature statement in wardrobe attire and social status for several decades past and watch retailers everywhere can vouch for how quickly our society has gone from pocket watches to smart watches, regardless of what era we are in, consumers will always have preferences for what timepiece best fits their lifestyle and wardrobe.


Retailers across the globe are tasked with the challenge of not only keeping up with trends, but displaying their inventory in an exciting, eye-catching way that speaks to the lifestyle and spirit of their consumers. Below is a breakdown of the most popular types of timepieces in the twenty-first century and the perfect display pieces that retailers can use to amplify their presence.


Business professional in gold watch


Analog Watch


This type of watch is usually designed with a mini-clock face accompanied by a set of traditional numbers or with Roman numerals. An analog watch is often made with a metal or leather strap and is a traditional choice amongst watch consumers. For retailers and shop owners alike, analog watches may be displayed best on a rotating watch display fixture or clear acrylic display. Since they are generally at a lower price point, being able to touch and feel them and allowing customers to easily compare the multitude of choices, it would be ideal to make the selection process as interactive as possible.


Acrylic Rotating Watch Display


Digital Watch


Sporty and practical, a digital watch often offers a simplistic masculine aesthetic. The hours and minutes are indicated by digits and the body strap is usually made from a durable plastic material. These modern watches would be best displayed on a watch display stand that allows the straps to be neatly tucked away while showcasing their prominent faces.


Automatic Watch


Also known as a self-winding watch, this type of watch doesn’t need winding if worn daily. Worn and sported by many fashion minimalists, the energy that is used to power this watch can keep the watch going at night or while it isn’t being worn. Ranging in style, price, and design these watches may do best in a locking watch display case or rotating watch display. Retailers may like the option of showing off a selection while also protecting against damage.



Pocket Watch


Think the pocket watch is dead? Contrary to popular belief, many people, especially men, still like to sport this classic spin on a modern device. Made to be carried in a pocket and linked to trousers by a chain or strap, it offers a classic, timeless – pun intended – style to any attire. These classic antique-style timepieces are best displayed in a transparent display box to protect against damage and promote preservation.


Diving Watch


Designed for the underwater adventurer; It undoubtedly boasts a sporty design and is essentially designed for function over fashion. If you love the deep sea and are an avid snorkeler or scuba diver, you can find a selection of 30+ watches that are clad in different materials to match your personal style. Depending on price point and material, these watches can be displayed on pedestals or in acrylic display boxes to best show off their many features.


Smart Watch


Modern technology has allowed us to create the smartwatch, a portable device that can be worn on the wrist by both men and women alike. Smart watches are an extension of our digital world’s landscape and are often made with touchscreens that allow access to popular apps, monitor heart rates, and message family and friends. They are best displayed to match the technology they exhibit by perhaps being displayed on less traditional choice items like a captivating color acrylic pedestal or underneath a lighted display case for a more striking impression.



Luxury Watch


Appealing to the high-end consumer, this is the most extravagant of all watches. Brands like Rolex, Audemars Piguet, Maurice Lacroix, Bell & Ross, and Patek Philippe are some of the top contenders in this division of timepieces. They appeal to those with upscale habits and impressive lifestyles; they make large, quiet statements when worn, and are made for those who truly dress to impress. Due to the high-end nature of these extravagant pieces, any watch display that is cushioned in velvet or accompanied with a lock would be a choice when being presented in a retail environment.


Velvet Single Watch Display


Regardless of what type of timepiece you are displaying at your shop, store, or boutique— remember there’s always a way to truly capture the object’s essence through clever design and great display techniques.