How to Set Up an Effective Conference Booth


Trade show event with multiple conference booths

Conferences and trade shows are a great way to expose your business to a wide variety of people in a short amount of time. So, you need to make sure your conference booth catches everyone’s attention, encouraging them to stop by and learn more about your services or products. 

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How to Travel with a Retractable Banner

Signage is a key component in promoting your business. This is especially important if you’re running a pop-up store that moves around to various locations, or if you frequently attend trade shows and conventions. That means you need signage options that are not only eye-catching but also easy to store and travel with. What you need is a retractable banner.

shopPOPdisplays offers single- and double-sided custom print banners with standard and half-moon aluminum stands. And there’s no need to worry about how to travel with a retractable banner since setting up and taking down is a breeze.

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How To Assemble A Feather Flag


Signage is one of the most important aspects of promoting your business or event. While there are plenty of options, from wall-mounted frames and banners, we love the atmosphere that a feather flag creates to a location. Here we’ll break down everything you need to know about this unique signage option, including how to assemble a feather flag.

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Boost Your Trade Show Social Media Presence With Custom Backdrops

There’s no denying the power of social media, especially for companies that are looking to attract new customers and show off their products and services. This is especially true for small businesses, with a whopping 90 percent saying that their social media marketing efforts have increased the exposure of their business. In addition, 71 percent of consumers who have had a good social media experience with a brand are more likely to recommend it to others, and  21% of consumers are more likely to buy from brands that they can reach on social media.

So it’s important that businesses are able to share their social media handles with the public as often as they can. One way to do that is at trade shows, where a large number of people will be walking past your booth. And you can catch everyone’s eye with a custom backdrop from shopPOPdisplays! We have an assortment of custom-printed trade show booth backdrops and banner walls to enhance your trade show booth—and they can also be used beyond trade shows to market your business.

Even better: They can be customized to include all of the important info you want to use to promote your brand and business, including your social media handles and a QR code that can take people directly to your website.

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