Festive Sugar Cookies: 4 Easy Ideas and Display Options To Increase Sales

Simplicity is key especially when cooking and decorating is involved. Time consuming recipes and intense party planning is definitely not on the menu this holiday season. To combat the time crunch and holiday expectations consider the dual-purpose ordinary classic sugar cookie. Both a delectable treat and extraordinary decorative item, sugar cookies appeal to the eyes and the appetite. An easy recipe like this one from All Recipes or this one from Food Network are brimming with pantry-ready staples and fridge-friendly ingredients – sugar, flour, butter, eggs, etc. that can be turned into a luscious lifesaver for busy folks supporting last-minute fundraisers, celebrating birthdays, holidays, or any special occasion and decorating at the same time. Just a word of advice, divide and save some of the dough for impromptu décor or scrumptious sweets in seconds. Here, a few ideas to make and display delectable merchandise that will fly off the plate and shelves.


Decorated Sugar Cookies


Nothing says holiday like decorated sugar cookies. It can be topped with a classic chic monochromatic or confetti sprinkle, a dash of glistening colored sugar crystals, carefully placed gold or silver dragees, iced cut-outs of Santa, snowmen, snowflakes, and more, whatever it is everyone loves – and buys – decorated sugar cookies for their sheer beauty let alone their sweet taste. So, whether they’re homemade or bought from a vendor, styling these crisp confections is as easy as layering in a slanted tray display for all the world to see and order – without touching. Likewise, bejeweled works or art should be treated as such and command a higher price point. Place them on shimmering crystal clear acrylic risers on a lighted pedestal display case with cover to maximize their beauty and have them stand out to shoppers!


Holiday cookie dough rolled out surrounded by rustic holiday items.


Prism Cut-Outs


Take decorated sugar cookies to the next level with cookies that catch the light – and the attention of customers. These prism cut-out cookies are baked on silicone mats with crushed clear hard candies like Lifesavers or Jolly Ranchers in strategically placed cut-outs that lend a stained-glass effect when baked and decorated. Style ornate snowflake cookies in a countertop acrylic display box with clear LED twinkle lights for a magical winter scene or create a tempting glowing 3-D Christmas tree with a flameless LED candle in the center to illuminate festive colored candy ornaments on a pedestal display case with acrylic cover. The possibilities are endless. Best of all, these acrylic display options showcase rotating cookie or dessert displays as they are created and as customers eat them up!

High Tea Desserts


Sugar cookie dough goes upscale with the creation of jam-filled tarts and tartlets – who doesn’t love minis? Craft an elegant tea display with the same sweet sugar cookie dough. Simply roll-out the same sweet dough but use a round biscuit cutter, lip of a coffee cup or teacup to cut out the dough disc the size of the individual tart pan, tartlet, muffin, or cupcake tin. Bake until light golden; cool and fill with a favorite jam, jelly, Nutella, pudding, and more. Dazzle diners and consumers with decorated tartlets on mirror cubes of assorted sizes or highlight spectacular sweets for a high tea on clear acrylic round risers of varying heights. If showcasing desserts, consider a convenient yet sturdy collapsible 3-shelf display that sets up and breaks down in seconds – that’s about as fast your desserts will last!



Who says the house worth decorating at the holidays is gingerbread? Sure, gingerbread is majestic and tasty, but a stable and sturdy sugar cookie dough – perhaps with a little more flour than the recipe calls for – does the job and then some. A sweet blank canvas for icing, gumdrops, licorice, sugar crystals, and more, sugar cookie dough is the perfect ingredient for constructing a sublime holiday house or winter village. Once completed be sure to display the masterpiece for all to see in a custom acrylic display case or if convenience of travel is a factor a collapsible display box. Either way, these options protect your creation until it’s time for all to dig-in and enjoy!


So, whether it’s a craft day with kids or a curated designer creation, sugar cookies can deliver on taste – both flavor and style. Just make sure to share in the celebration with festive displays and sure-to-please sales!