4 Easy Ways to Child-Proof Your Home In Style

November is child safety and protection month and year after year, homeowners and retailers alike experience the struggle of finding stylish solutions to adorning the modern living space. According to an article on Childproofers.com, “As many as 90% of unintentional injuries to children in the home can be prevented by child proofing correctly.” It’s important when having small children and babies to consider ways to keep your home secure without having to completely sacrifice your personal sense of design. Below are four helpful and easy ways to child-proof your living quarters and still have it feel like it’s a reflection of you!


Use Pedestals for Fragile Decor and Safeguard Against Dangerous Areas

Keeping it out of arm’s reach is another extremely important rule when it comes to tiny tikes rummaging around the house. If you have fragile or breakable items you would like to still showcase without having to worry about your little ones, you may want to consider a tall, weighty pedestal that is too heavy for them to move and keeps your delicate keepsake in a highly secure place. Round display pedestals are also an excellent way to protect against sharp corners, or areas of the house that may have loose wires that could be a choking hazard to small children. Adding to the appeal of your home’s aesthetic, a pedestal can offer multiple purposes while elevating your space’s style.

Magnet Locks for Cabinets

Want to lock up your kitchen cabinets, but don’t want to stare at hideous plastic all day? We are right there with you. Heavy duty magnet locks allow you to keep sharp objects, cleaners, and glass safely stored away without anyone ever noticing! These inconspicuous magnet locks can be easily concealed on the interior of your pantries and cabinet doors. They also can be switched to “off” mode when the kids are out and about or in bed.


Cordless Blinds and Shades


Another failsafe way to keep your home grounds extra secure is with cordless blinds or shades. Simplistic in style, they go with any aesthetic and do not come with hanging wires or cords for your little one to tug on or wrap themselves around. This is a huge consideration when it comes to window treatments. Cordless blinds and shades also present a clean look, giving your home a sleek, modern appeal, all while making it a safer haven for your babies.


Wall-Mount Photos and Anchor Objects


Another golden rule when it comes to child safety in the home is if it can be fastened or anchored, then it should be! Whether you are looking to hang posters, shelves, or want to better secure a piece of furniture, you should anchor as much as possible to your walls to ensure nothing tips over and falls on top of your little ones. While this may be a time-consuming project, it is one that will help everyone in your household feel more at ease. Accidents happen, knowing it is securely mounted is one of the most responsible choices we can make when setting up our home decor.


We hope we have offered you some simple tips to create a safer environment for your family. According to an article written on the National Safety Council website, NSC.org “ More than a third of child injuries and deaths happen at home, according to KidsHealth.org. Young kids have the highest risk of being injured at home because that’s where they spend most of their time.”  Don’t put off one of the most necessary to-dos of parenting, make your space a hazard-free environment this month, to lower injury and stress for all!