Simply Spectacular Fall Tablescape Displays Increase Sales!

Holiday season is here and there is not a better time than now to add charm, elegance, and sophistication to your home décor or retail displays with tablescapes – yes, it is a word. A tablescape is simply an arrangement of articles placed on a table that creates a decorative display. The aesthetic can range from simple to grandiose, vertical to horizontal, small to large and everything in between. Tablescapes entice friends, family – and customers. Here, easy Fall tablescape displays to include in your home or retail space.


Fall tablescape with dim lighting and leaves hanging from ceiling.


Fall in Line with Risers


Celebrate the season with a trail of foliage, flowers, pumpkins, and more perfectly perched atop horizontal or landscape-oriented retail shelves, elongated dining tables, and sofa tables. Place pops of seasonal color like bright- or burnt-orange pumpkins on equidistant pedestals or acrylic risers the expanse of the display and fill in spaces with colorful autumnal leaves. Likewise, line wide shelving with light strings of varying color, garland, and display merchandise on mirrored cubes, place inside crystal clear acrylic boxes, or put the whole decoration in a case to highlight and display products with the reflection of twinkling lights and holiday spirit!


Elevate Décor with Acrylic Column Risers


Take sales, products, and seasonal decorations to new heights with column risers all while maximizing compact spaces. Simply assemble transparent risers or pedestals of varying heights and shapes – round or square – on end tables, shelves, mantles, etc. to draw the eye to highlighted merchandise. Consider showcasing cross-merchandising accessories like hats, gloves, scarves next to outerwear or complementary condiments near cookware for additional sales opportunities – saving customers time while boosting your bottom line. Likewise, investing in risers can transform special occasion and holiday event planning with in-season florals like holiday plants – poinsettias or amaryllis, a vase with white tulips, etc.


Layer Textures and Items


Layering textures help define and add depth to a room. In an article by Homes and Gardens magazine, interior designer Martin Waller states that, “Layering materials, colors and shapes all amount to give your interiors an overall texture. Glossy surfaces like polished chrome, shiny marble and smooth leather all in tonal shades give a room a sleek modern texture.” The same is true for retail setting. Give rise to shine – and sales – with gold or mirrored risers or both. Construct a fall display with neutral tones and a splash of sparkle to give consumers visual interest that just may lead to sales. Elegance is effective year-round.


Minimalist Candle Reflective


Simple can be spectacular in the right setting. Flameless candles placed atop pedestals and encased in minimalistic acrylic cylinders create a sophisticated and space-saving ambiance to enhance tabletops, abandoned corners, retail sales floors without the clutter. Construct a small cluster of monotone candles – tapers, or multi-wick, fragrant or non-scent, with or without floral, herb, or laurel wreaths to showcase products in their best light – or glow.


Tablescapes conjure visual interest in a room. Whether in-home or in a retail setting, bringing the outdoors in with flowers and foliage, contrasting textures with soft or rough-hewn fabrics and items, monotone, neutral, or multicolor color can elevate the overall aesthetic to produce effortless effects and sales for every season.