5 Visual Merchandising Tips for Sweet Valentine’s Day Sales

Retailers know first-quarter sales are needed to set the pace for the remainder of the year, so Valentine’s Day sales are about more than just selling chocolates for retailers around the country. In 2022, consumers spent $23.9 billion on Valentine’s Day gifts—the second-highest year on record, according to the National Retail Federation.





“Valentine’s Day is a special occasion for many Americans, even more so as we navigate out of the pandemic, and retailers are prepared to help them mark the holiday in a memorable and meaningful way,” NRF President and CEO Matthew Shay said.

Store owners will be looking to beat that record, and the first step is getting customers in the door—and then keeping them there until they make a purchase. This is where visual marketing comes in and entices people to spend more time browsing through your location and perusing your products. Here are five ideas to get you started.



Utilize Window Displays


Banners and flags positioned in the window or outside of the store entrance can catch the attention of people driving and walking by the location. Use them to promote Valentine’s Day sales, special items, events, and more. ShopPOPdisplays’ 33.5″w retractable display banner with stand custom print can easily complement a window display, with featured products set up around it. And our 15′ feather flag arced corner double-sided custom print is perfect for right near the front door.



Add a Special Section


Customers want an easy shopping experience, so having a dedicated section of your store solely for Valentine’s Day items will help them quickly find what they need. shopPOP has an assortment of temporary displays that can be set up and then taken down with little effort. Check out our wooden large floor standing 4 shelf display with headboard and wooden medium 3 tier countertop display. Both feature simple designs so that your Valentine’s Day merchandise—from chocolates and stuffed animals to greeting cards and novelty items—will stand out.





Wooden Large Floor Standing 4 Shelf Display with Headboard, Collapsible

Create a Gift Guide


Advertise your Valentine’s Day merchandise by creating a gift guide for the holiday. Print up colorful flyers with products and prices—as well as any special discounts and promotions—and keep them in our plastic counter top or wall mount double tier bifold pamphlet holder. Position it near the store entrance and at the checkout area. You might also want to hang a few flyers around your location using our 24 x 36 wall mounted side loading acrylic poster frame with bracket, or utilize our 22 x 28 chrome poster stand with flat base.



Chrome Poster Stand with Flat Base

Set Up a Gift-Wrapping Area


A simple gift-wrapping station for customers who have made a Valentine’s Day purchase is a great incentive for people to buy from your store. Keep gift bags, ribbons, and tape organized with our 4 tray tilt shelf display or our round shelf wire racks, and don’t forget to market the service throughout the store with plenty of signage.



Showcase Featured Products


While Valentine’s Day has its popular items—namely candy, greeting cards, and flowers (per NRF)—there might be other merchandise you want to put on display to encourage customers to think outside of the box for the holiday. Place those products front and center on an acrylic pedestal. A clear acrylic pedestal can easily be decorated with holiday items, or if you really want that wow factor, go with our fluorescent pink acrylic pedestal.



Fluorescent Pink Acrylic Pedestal

Collect Donations


People love to find ways to give back to their local community. Make it easier for your customers by having donation boxes—like our deluxe acrylic ballot box—Deluxe Acrylic Ballot Box -12″ x 12″ x 12″ set up near the checkout area so that people can throw in their extra change that will be given to a specific cause such as a local nursing home, animal shelter, or community garden. Contact your local Chamber of Commerce for additional advertising opportunities.


Deluxe Acrylic Ballot Box