How to Create a Zen Den for Houseplants Using Mirrored Pedestals

Incorporating plants into your home decor allows you to bring the natural beauty and calming essence of the outdoors inside. And while many lovingly refer to tending to their gardens as “plant parenting”, it’s really the greenery that cares for us – it’s scientifically proven that by improving our air quality, plants help reduce anxiety and increase focus. Plus, they visually liven up a room and add plenty of interest, especially when organized and displayed with a mirrored pedestal or two and a strategically placed mirror. Let’s explore the ways decorating with houseplants can create a sense of calm or zen in your space and the role mirrored pedestals can play in further enhancing their benefits.


Mirrored Pedestals with greenery and candles surrounding it.
Mirrored pedestals, candles and greenery exude calm.



Benefits of Decorating with Houseplants


Plant parenting is serious business, and can be a bit stressful for those of us navigating the part without a particularly green thumb. But once you’ve nailed down the delicate balance of water, light, and heat required to keep each individual plant thriving indoors, the rewards completely outweigh the risk.


First, houseplants simply look nice in any home or business. The combination of rich green shades and perfectly nuanced textures varying from stiff and spiky to soft and cascading create incredible visual appeal. Plants instantly bring life and vibrancy to otherwise dark or barren areas, plus they complement nearly every aesthetic from rustic to modern minimalism.


Aesthetic home seating area with plants and an orange lounge chair.
Reflective materials like matte and gloss metals and mirrors add warmth.


More importantly, though, houseplants improve air quality and are proven to be good for your mental health, too. Not only do houseplants decrease feelings of depression, anxiety, and stress, but they also increase creativity, productivity, and attention span. People physically and subconsciously feel more relaxed and in a better mood when they’re around plants, which makes them a therapeutic addition to home offices, yoga studios, and school classrooms.


Also, a more tangible benefit of houseplants is that specific varieties provide edible produce like herbs and microgreens, and others, like the byproduct of the aloe vera leaf, can be used to treat physical ailments.


And, while faux plants can offer many of the same visual benefits as their live counterparts, they aren’t comparable when it comes to the health benefits and healing properties. So, the struggling plant parents can instead consider houseplants renowned for being low maintenance, like snake plants, peace lilies, and Chinese evergreens.


Woman potting green plants on the floor.
Select a plant that suits your lifestyle.


How to Organize Your House Plants Using Mirrored Pedestals


Now that you are aware of the impact plants have on your mind and body while indoors, let’s talk about how to create the relaxing zen den of your dreams.


Sure, plants look at home on a bookshelf or side table, but we’re of the mindset that they deserve to (literally) be put on a pedestal – a mirrored pedestal, to be specific. This reflective display piece elevates your plants to prominent heights and singles them out in a way that allows you and anyone in the room to admire them.


While some plants, like sizable fiddle leaf figs, are meant to stand firmly on the ground, smaller houseplants, like pothos or a money tree, could use a boost to reach eye-level and draw attention with varying dimension. A mirrored pedestal or a mirror riser offers a designated space for those small to medium-sized plants, and keeps them off the floor and away from curious pets and toddlers.


Mirrored acrylic u-shaped riser.
Mirror risers add height and interest.


One of the most tried-and-true tricks to make a cozy space feel more open is to incorporate reflective surfaces, so the addition of a mirrored pedestal will do wonders in creating the illusion of a larger space. Plus, it’ll reflect the greenery of both the plant sitting atop it those surrounding it, which automatically makes them seem fuller and multiplies their visual appeal.


If the goal is to be able to continuously re-arrange your space in order to optimize and harmonize with the energy in a room, then a mirrored pedestal or two is ideal. Display pedestals will allow you to experiment easily with the placement of your plants, and you can use it to fill an empty or awkward corner or create cool contrast next to wooden furniture.


Since shopPOPdisplays mirrored pedestals come in a range of colors, you can choose the those that harmonize best with your particular zen den. Traditional silver will go with nearly any décor, while gold and rose gold offer a warm elevated feel, and green complements the shade(s) of your houseplants. Not to be missed, our black mirrored pedestal also brings a chic element to any space.


Two black mirrored pedestals.
Black mirrored pedestals complement all decor styles.


Final Thoughts


Houseplants are a necessity, especially if you spend most of your time indoors. They can help create a calm-inducing, mood-boosting effect, especially when highlighted and displayed on pedestals that enhance their beauty and overall zen den vibe of your space.