How to Design a Collectibles Showroom for Every Space Size

From shopkeepers, art handlers, retailers, and hobbyists to professional collectors, visual merchandisers, and connoisseurs alike—collectors are always searching for new, leading-edge ways to display their treasures, collectibles, and merchandise to garner the most attention. Of course, depending on your space, you will need a wide range of display solutions to optimally showcase these items. Below we will discuss the most practical and space-conscious displays and the best method to use them in your unique displaying location or showroom.



Assorted cameras in a display case


Display Pedestals 

Ideal for any retail showroom, display pedestals are a wonderful way to present valuable collectibles. Optimal for spacious settings, spread out the display pedestals to offer a sophisticated setting for antiques, collectibles, glass pieces, ceramics, vases, and exceptional pottery. Display pedestals create a gallery-like ambiance that helps visitors focus on the objects while complementing the room’s interior design.



Lighted Display Pedestal with Acrylic Cover




Floor Standing Display Cases

Optimal for viewing and customer interaction. Floor-standing display cases make quite the impression in the space regardless of size. Made in a variety of finishes and sizes, attractive floor standing display cases feature standalone sophistication while housing a large volume of goods and keepsakes. Ideal for open-concept floor plans.



3′ Wide Wooden Lighted Floor Standing Display Case with Sliding Doors and Mirrored Back


Display Boxes and Cases 

For cozy areas with limited space, display boxes and cases are a clever way to show off keepsakes and relics of all kinds. Utilizing the tops of shelving, tabletops, and wall space allows you to create an eye-catching display area without taking up floor space – a common situation in both residences and retail stores.


Acrylic Display Box 6″H x 9″W x 9″L with White Base


Spinning and Rotating Racks 

In busy retail environments, galleries, or collector’s showrooms it can be quite the challenge to get consumers to focus on flat collectibles like photographs, posters, and postcards. Attractive, eye-catching spinning and rotating racks are a simple practical solution to displaying these single dimension items while allowing for easing browsing. Their dynamic design also maximizes the volume of items you can highlight while maximizing floor space. A win win.



Spinning and Rotating Display Racks



Mirrored Boxes

Accentuate your collectibles, keepsakes, and other treasured relics with the sleek look of a mirrored box. Looking to show off a particular piece from all angles? Mirrored boxes are a great way to add a subtle yet statement-worthy platform under beloved items, while providing a vivid look into its depth and detail. Mirrored boxes fit anywhere, so if limited in space, they are easily inserted within existing shelving, floor space, or wall decor.



Mirrored Boxes and Pedestals



Countertop Displays 

A must-have for retail stores, residences, and galleries, countertop displays are versatile when it comes to highlighting collectibles in compact spaces. Utilize any countertop within the space and have them displayed in tandem across ledges, cash wraps, reception desks, and even on armoires and buffets within the home.



Countertop Display Cases

Wooden Display Stands

Introduce rustic charm to any environment and add the perfect backdrop to your collectible collection. Wooden display stands are versatile and offer a generous amount of space to display favorite keepsakes. Ideal for open-concept spaces, wooden shelves can be prominently displayed against walls or positioned to be freestanding to help create sections and flow within a gallery or retail store.



Wooden Display Stand




Shopping for the most appropriate collectible display fixture and option for your store, gallery, or residential space? Contact our team with any questions or for more information. We’ll gladly assist you.