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Acrylic Donation Boxes - Plexiglass

Whether you need a way to collect money at your religious organization, charity or cause, or you require a more secure tip jar, acrylic donation boxes are the ideal solution. Whatever the reason you need to collect money or any type of donation for your company or facility, shopPOPdisplays has the right plastic donation box for you. We’re suppliers of a wide variety of displays and donation boxes made of durable clear acrylic—also known as plexiglass, Perspex and Lucite. Need a safe and secure plexiglass variety for voting and secret ballots at your church’s youth group or school club meetings, or prefer more privacy? A donation ballot box made from sturdy black acrylic plastic fits the bill perfectly. And cash donation boxes with and without locks are perfect for any organization where a tip box, collection box or offering box are used to collect cash and coins, such as at a church, synagogue, school, café, coffee shop, bar or charity. Choose from our selection of charity donation boxes, including floor-standing models available with lock options. They’re an amazing addition whenever you need to add a money donation box or any other type to your lobby or foyer for when your congregation or board members want to leave a donation on their way in or out of a service or meeting.

  • ShopPOPdisplays is a manufacturer and supplier of acrylic donation boxes. We offer a huge selection of plexiglass boxes for sale wholesale nationwide directly from our factories.
  • We make our plastic donation boxes out of acrylic—also known as plexiglass, Perspex and Lucite.
  • Don’t see the type you need? We can custom make an acrylic donation box for you.
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What Are Cash Donation Boxes?

Cash or charity donation boxes are made of clear or opaque black acrylic (also called plexiglass or Perspex). Acrylic is a tough plastic that’s harder than glass and other forms of plastic, making it the quintessential solution anywhere you require a money donation, or tip box. ShopPOPdisplays manufactures our acrylic boxes in a range of options from floor standing to custom, with and without locks. You may also choose a plexiglass donation box in a smaller size suitable for mounting on a wall or sitting on top of a reception desk.

Where Can I Use My Acrylic Donation Box?

Donation boxes can be installed anywhere an organization needs to collect money, cash or other type of donation or collection—such as business cards for a contest or ballots to elect school activity club officers. A custom-made clear acrylic offering container is an essential addition to your church foyer to encourage even more congregants to make a donation. Charities and non-profits who need a way to collect cash donations and money can order portable clear or black varieties to take to fund raising and other events. And with lock options available, donations can be collected safely and securely.

What Types of Organizations Use Donation Boxes?

ShopPOPdisplays is a supplier of clear plastic donation and collection boxes to a wide variety of businesses, facilities, and organizations, including containers customized with branding etched into the plexiglass. Our acrylic boxes are essential for safely collecting money, ballots, notes, suggestions or business cards in retail outlets, restaurants, charities, non-profits, professional offices, corporations, cafes, churches and other religious organizations, schools, clubs, and more. Need to secure tips or collect business cards for a give away at your diner? Placing an acrylic donation box at your register or hosting station is crucial. Does your convenience store, grocery or boutique need a clear plastic container to collect donations for your school sports team or a local scouting troop? A charity donation box at checkout is essential and encourages your customer to leave their change to support the cause. And schools putting on a charity event, such as a car wash or bake sale to support the cheerleading squad or football team can definitely use our locked opaque acrylic money donation boxes. No matter the reason, when you need a cash or other type of collection container for your charity or business, you can count on us.