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Easter Displays

There's nothing more seasonal than nestling some dyed and decorated Easter eggs in grass-filled baskets. And while it works for a variety of settings—retail, school, church, home—your holiday decor could be so much more. All Easter displays share similar imagery, such as flowers, chocolate bunnies, daffodils, and dyed eggs, but these themes can be customized depending on where the Easter displays will be created. For instance, Easter display ideas for retail need to include eye-catching Easter window displays to draw customers into the store, while Easter display ideas for homes and schools are created to simply delight guests and students. Easter displays for churches will also be somewhat different, especially given the holiday's significance in Christianity. At shopPOPdisplays, we have a variety of display cases to help you welcome the Spring holiday in style—no matter where you are decorating. From acrylic boxes and to wooden displays to chalkboard signs, there are plenty of products in stock (and always the option to customize) to make your Easter displays a hopping success.

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Easter Display Ideas

Peep these creative ideas using in-stock and custom display products from shopPOPdisplays.

  • Acrylic boxes -- Our acrylic boxes are popular for a reason. They can be used as bins, trays, pedestals, risers, or covers, and can be made to order for your exact needs. For an easy Easter display, fill a 5 Sided Clear Acrylic Box Custom Size or an acrylic cylinder riser with pastel-hued Easter eggs. In retail environments, schools, and churches, fill with jellybeans and let kids or customers guess how many are in a jar. An acrylic ballot box can collect the guesses and contacts for the names of entrants.

    Acrylic boxes are also the base of many simple centerpieces to welcome the Spring holiday. Start with an acrylic cylinder riser (turned upside down to use as a vase) and add willow branches—their long length naturally extends from the container so you can hang paper eggs from the branches using ribbon. Or fill an acrylic box with dyed Easter eggs and tuck a few flowering branches or flowers, such as daffodils or tulips, inside.

  • Pedestals -- White and gold are the colors of Easter in the church. Display Easter lilies for the Sunday service on white acrylic display pedestals near the altar in a place of worship. For retail use, pedestals can be placed near a retail shop's entry or flanking the front door of a store or home to showcase floral Easter displays.

  • Chalkboard Signs -- Our chalkboard signs are versatile and simple to change for any holiday or season. Use our 5"W x 11"H Countertop Chalkboard Sign to welcome customers, guests, students, parishioners, and more with a simple greeting like “Happy Easter" and maybe a few hand-drawn easter eggs or bunnies. Or direct customers or guests with a cute seasonal saying, like “Hop This Way" that gives a nod to the holiday while providing direction to the dining room for Easter brunch. Chalkboards can also be used to present your holiday menu—whether you are hosting at home or managing a restaurant. Our VersaChalk Chalk Markers in neon colors are perfect for announcing the spring celebration.

  • Wooden carts -- Transform our Wood Display Cart w/Chalkboard Sign Top into a Spring flower cart for an charming window display. Choose your seasonal flowers (bright yellow daffodils, pink peonies, white lilies, etc.) and start arranging. Use acrylic risers to lift bouquets in the back to make the garden cart appear fuller. Wooden crates, like our set of 3 pine nested crates, can also stand in as vessels for greenery on the cart, on the floor in front of it, and even placed as window boxes on your storefront's exterior. Don't forget to craft a message on the chalkboard sign!

  • Tiered displays -- Whether you line up chocolate bunnies, pastel-hued nail polish, or small plushies and toys, our Wooden 4 Tier Countertop Step Display, Collapsible is easy to assemble to create Easter display ideas in a retail space. Place it near the register to inspire some impulse purchases. The merchandiser can be easily broken down and stored until the next sale or holiday.

    At home, a tiered tray can show off more than dessert. Create an easy and elegant centerpiece using our 5 Shelf Round Knockdown Display. First, tuck wheatgrass plants (or Easter grass) into julep cups or teacups to cushion individual Easter eggs, then place each cup on a shelf to elevate. In a retail environment, use the display to showcase featured products, such as cupcakes in a café, candles in a gift shop, accessories in a boutique, etc.

  • Free standing shelves -- For larger items, such as Easter baskets and plush or chocolate bunnies, our Wooden Medium Floor Standing 4 Shelf Display with Full Back and Sides, Collapsible will serve as a seasonal merchandise hero anywhere in your store. Speaking of serving, you can use it as a DIY beverage bar when entertaining at home. The shelves are sturdy enough to hold a few bottles of wine or soda, glassware, and an acrylic tray to hold cocktail napkins, coasters, and stirrers.

We hope these Easter display ideas help get you hopping to finish your holiday decorating and merchandising. If you have any questions about our products or custom displays, contact us today. We'd love to help!