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Halloween Displays

Halloween displays are a creative way to celebrate the spooky season - and they're not just for decorating at home to greet trick-or-treaters. Retailers decorate windows and shop interiors to enchant customers, schools and other community buildings welcome the public with decorations, and office buildings also get in on the fun. Whether the ornamentation is used for retail, home, school, or the office, shopPOPdisplays has a variety of display cases for Halloween. From acrylic boxes and acrylics risers to display cases and display pedestals, we can help you create Halloween displays of your dreams (or nightmares). We can even customize products for size and color if you need (however, we do have orange and black mirrored pedestals as a stock item). Contact us with any questions regarding stock or customized Halloween displays. We'd love to help!

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Halloween Display Ideas:

Here are 13 ways to scare up some seasonal Halloween displays using in-stock products from shopPOPdisplays.

  1. Acrylic Boxes - Transparent and clear acrylic boxes can be used to create sweet, not spooky, centerpieces. Fill about halfway with candy corn and nestle a battery-operated candle in the middle.
  2. Acrylic Box with Divider - It's not Halloween without candy. Our durable acrylic 5 sided box with removable divider - 12" x 12" x 12" has a removable insert to create 4 compartments to contain a variety of treats, such as candy corn, Reese's Pieces, lollipops, and Twizzlers. In retail settings, it can be used as a dump bin for candy and seasonal items. You can place the cube upright or configure one or more cubes to face forward and fill with Halloween-themed products, such as pencils, stickers, finger puppets, and small party favors.
  3. Acrylic Cylinders - Create an eye-catching display using clip art images of eyeballs adhered to the bottom of glassware or acrylic cylinders with double-sided tape. Use glasses for beverages at your All Hallows' Eve bash or school party, and the cyclops cylinders in a store as an easy countertop display.
  4. Display Cases - Here's a sweet idea for a Halloween display cabinet: Fill acrylic cylinders and jars with candy and label with ghoulish names, such as pumpkin teeth (candy corn), spider eggs (Skittles), and skeleton bones (yogurt-coated pretzels). In a retail setting, these jars can be placed in a wall mount wooden counter top single shelf display case or on shelving to create a ch-eerie apothecary.
  5. Display Pedestals - Throwing a Halloween gala? Glam it up with orange and black mirrored pedestals. They can be used as places to rest tasty potions and frightful delights. In a retail environment, feature seasonal food samples like cider and apple donuts on the festive-hued pedestals or display non-holiday merchandise (such as jewelry, vases, shoes, accessories, etc.) with a nod to the season.
  6. Wall Mount Display Cases - A Halloween display case doesn't have to be set on a mantle or shelf. Decorate your walls, too. Gather spooky props and toys like vampire fangs, mice, bats, and spiders to transform a wall mount acrylic shadow box into a specimen box. Collectibles, such as Dept. 56 Christmas houses (which include Halloween-themed houses) can be displayed in an acrylic display case with black wall mount shelf or in an acrylic display box 14" x 14" x 14" with black base to show off, protect, and keep dust free.
  7. Silver Mirrored Cube Riser -- Available in a range of sizes, use our silver mirrored cube riser to elevate treats or centerpieces on a Halloween-themed tablescape. Optional: surround with candlesticks to cast a warm glow. Our mirrored cubes can be used as risers or boxes. So, you can turn over and use as a vessel for a hauntingly boo-tiful bouquet of black faux flowers. The contrast of black against the silver will be striking—and fitting for the occasion.
  8. Accented Solid Block Risers - Create a unique merchandise display with our fluorescent orange accent solid block riser 2.125" x 3" x 3". The acrylic block gives an appearance of a solid orange color at certain angles and the appearance of a clear middle but orange-colored top and bottom at other angles. They're a unique choice for retail but can be used in other settings as well. Use to create a serene monochromatic display by pairing with pumpkins. Alternately, a decorative clowder of black cats or a murder of crows poised on top of orange risers creates a scream of a Halloween scene.
  9. Signage - Welcome party guests, customers, or students with a festive greeting on a chalkboard sign. Simple greetings like, "Enter if you Dare" "Eat, Drink, and be Scary" "Come in for a Spell" or "Happy Halloween!" work for home or retail. Our Versachalk Markers will help you craft your message. Add a straw broom and carved pumpkins nearby for full effect.
  10. Acrylic Frames - Vintage Halloween postcards, invitations, and paper decorations can kept safe and intact behind acrylic in our wall mounted acrylic shadow box frame. Lucky enough to score an oversized vintage poster and want to keep it in good condition? We can help. Our wall mount display cases come in large sizes as well as in custom sizes to spec.
  11. Wooden Barrels - Place painted pumpkins on a pedestal (in this case, a wooden barrel) to welcome guests to your home or retail shop. A quintessional fall favorite, false bottom wooden barrels can bridge all autumnal decorating themes, from fall harvest (mums, anyone?) to jack o'lanterns to Thanksgiving gourds, to extend their decorating and display life.
  12. Nested Pine Crates - Pedestals, wooden crates, and lighting transform store entrances and front porches. Our set of 3 pine nested crates can be stacked and configured in different orientations to create custom display shelves for Halloween. Arrange some pumpkins, mum, and Halloween signage, then string with lights to illuminate your work.
  13. Acrylic Risers - Got pumpkins? Who doesn't at this time of year? Add visual interest to a collection of seasonal décor by arranging on acrylic risers of various heights. For instance, real or faux pumpkins on a breakfront or buffet all stand out when stacked at different heights. Our set of 4 Square Acrylic Table Risers can be used as separate display pieces or stacked to make a tiered display.