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Plexiglass Table Dividers Shields

Use our plexiglass table dividers & shields to maintain social distance and physical separation while protecting from splashes and sprays. With cold weather coming, businesses can add an extra layer of protection by using plexiglass table dividers & shields in high traffic indoor areas.

Shop our selection of in-stock plexiglass table divider & shield options. Contact us for custom sizes, shapes, and options such as access holes or mounting options. We manufacture in the United States with quick turn-around time for small and large quantities.

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What are plexiglass table dividers used for?

Our plexiglass table dividers are a great way to partition a table into separate seating areas. The clear plexiglass allows for face-to-face interaction while maintaining physical separation. Connect multiple plexiglass table dividers to create different configurations for larger conference tables.

What types of plexiglass table dividers do you offer?

ShopPOPdisplays.com offers a wide variety of plexiglass table dividers. Our 4-way table divider shields are ideal for partitioning cafeteria tables. Businesses use our modular plexiglass table dividers to provide separation on conference room tables. Restaurants use our bar top counter dividers to maintain distance between patrons.

Who should use plexiglass table dividers?

Individuals should be at least six feet apart or use a protective divider when physical separation is not possible. Plexiglass table dividers keep fluids in one area, minimizing cross-contamination.

What are the shipping times for your plexiglass table dividers?

All plexiglass table dividers & shields are in stock and ready to ship. Orders leave our New Jersey warehouse in 1 to 2 business days. Delivery time is dependent on the carrier and destination.

Where are your plexiglass table dividers manufactured?

Our plexiglass table dividers & shields are made in the USA and manufactured in-house at our New Jersey facility.

What materials are used for your plexiglass table dividers?

ShopPOPdisplays.com uses high-quality plexiglass for plexiglass table dividers & shields. Plexiglass table dividers are half the weight of glass dividers, but 10 times more impact-resistant, making them ideal for protective applications.

Can you make plexiglass table dividers in custom sizes?

Our in-house manufacturing can make plexiglass table divider shields in custom sizes with custom mounting features and custom printing. Please contact us for more information.