How To Protect and Display Your Pokémon Cards

Assortment of packs of Pokemon trading cards.

Nearly 10 billion Pokémon cards were sold worldwide in the 2022/2023 fiscal year. People buy the cards for many reasons—as an investment, to grow a childhood collection, to create a new collection based on nostalgia for the franchise, and to build decks and battle against others in competitive play. 

What’s more, certain cards—especially rare ones—can command a serious price tag. For example, mint condition, 1st edition Charizard from the 1990s is valued at $420,000.  But no matter the reason for the hobby, you want to ensure your collection is handled safely to maintain its value (monetary or sentimental). That’s where Pokémon card display ideas come in. There are a variety of display boxes and cases to help store your cards depending on the purpose of your collection. But, first, let’s discuss the care and handling of the cards. 

Proper Pokémon Card Handling and Maintenance

While you don’t have to handle with gloved hands (though you can if you want), you should handle cards with clean, dry hands. That’s because dirt, moisture, and oils from your hands will transfer to the cards and risk staining and damaging them. Other card-damaging culprits include: 


Moisture and humidity can damage the card’s structure and cause mold to form.

UV Rays

Ultraviolet light from sun exposure can fade cards and make them brittle over time.


Leaving cards unprotected and in piles can make them prone to creasing. 

Rubber Bands

 Securing with rubber bands can bend and crease the cards as well. 

To protect against the above issues, it’s best to place cards in protective sleeves once you unbox them. Pokémon cards fit in standard-size sleeves or you can also place them in top-loading sleeves, which are a little sturdier and protective and thus, highly recommended by Pokémon enthusiasts.

8 Pokémon Card Display Ideas

Whether you collect them for the fun of hunting them down (gotta catch ‘em all!) or collect to play the Pokémon Trading Card Game, Pokémon card displays can be curated by card type, value, set, rarity, or any other category that makes sense to you—and offer the most protection for your collection. Here are 8 Pokémon Card display ideas using shopPOP products to consider. 

Corral a Large Collection in a Card Binder

 You can purchase a trademarked Pokémon binder or a ring binder from an office supply retailer to store an inventory of Pokémon cards. Create a master list of your cards to lessen their exposure to the elements since you don’t have to pull out a deck to see if you have a particular card. 

Create a Clean-and-Clear Filing System

Store Pokémon cards upright in their sleeves in a custom acrylic box to prevent them from becoming bent or damaged. 

Rely on a Protective case

 Metal cases and cardboard boxes (like archive photo boxes) are great for storing cards, but they may still have an enemy in the form of water and humidity if not stored in a cool, dry place. Metal can rust and cardboard can get wet. A custom acrylic box with either a hinged lid or a shoebox lid can offer much-needed protection from humidity and sunlight. 

Use Acid-Free Storage Boxes

The same archival boxes used to protect snapshots can protect your Pokémon collection. But if you prefer a modern look to your organizational system, consider acrylic boxes. They are inherently acid-free and are sturdy enough to stack on one another. 

Secure your Pokémon Cards in a Locking Cabinet

 For a Pokémon card display idea that safeguards higher-valued cards, place the cards in a locking, collectible display cabinet, such as our acrylic 3-shelf sliding back case or an acrylic locking 6 shelf front open wall mount display. The cards will still be visible as a display, but untouchable behind the locked cabinet. 

Frame your Favorites

The UV-resistant qualities of our acrylic will protect the cards from any sun damage while showcasing your favorite cards as art. Place cards in an acrylic frame or a wall mounted shadow box and display them on a wall. Slip a card into an acrylic sign holder and place it on dressers or bookshelf. 

Up your Display Game with Acrylic risers

Stand Pokémon cards in top loading sign holders (in their sleeves) and then place them on a tiered riser. This will allow a larger part of the collectible display cards  to be visible.

Curate a Gallery Showing

 Showcase a single card in a top-loading sleeve placed on an acrylic table top easel. You can also display a series of Pokémon cards on individual easels and line them up. 

We hope these Pokémon card display ideas will help you safely show off your collection to friends, family, fans, or potential buyers and traders. We also can create custom-sized acrylic display boxes and cases if you don’t see one that suits your needs. Contact us to see how we can help.