Unique Ornament Display Ideas This Holiday Season


Assortment of colorful and unique Christmas ornaments in a pile.

You’re not imagining things. Holiday decorating is happening earlier and earlier each year. And it’s not just retailers getting a jump on the December holiday displays. People are joining retailers and decorating their homes earlier than ever. The reason? Experts aren’t sure but they suspect the mood lift from decorating is one reason. Perhaps you’ve heard of dopamine décor, the decorating trend that is all about instilling a sense of warmth and happiness.  Well, think of the early decorating trend as dopamine decorating for the holidays. Psychologist Deborah Serani explained to the TODAY Show that “Christmas decorating will spike dopamine, a feel-good hormone.” The bright lights and colors, the ambience, the nostalgia…they all contribute to the boost of well-being during the holiday season. Whether you don’t have a tree, or you have no more room on the tree, there are numerous ornament display ideas to take your holiday decorating game next level.


Unique Ornament Display Ideas

Whether you are decorating your home or a retail space, you can’t go wrong with holiday ornaments. The omnipresent orbs are popular for good reason. They’re available in an assortment of colors, shapes, and price points. Plus, they prove to be very versatile holiday décor. Here are 8 ornament display ideas using products from shopPOPdisplays to deck your space in seasonal style.


1. Display Baubles on Jewelry Stands

Transform an earring tree into a Christmas tree by using it to hang miniature ornaments. A T-shaped earring display can showcase larger ornaments. Place on a bookshelf or bathroom vanity for a pop of holiday cheer.

 2. Protect Fragile or Heirloom Pieces in Display Cases

A sentimental ornament can be shown off safely in a display case. An Acrylic Baseball Display Case With Mirror back will provide a 360-degree view of the ornament and an acrylic ring allows you to prop up the decoration so it doesn’t roll around inside the display cube.

3. Elevate Your Décor with Acrylic Risers

Up the joy on your holiday table with mirrored acrylic risers. Create a table runner using fresh or faux greenery and set risers on top to hold potted plants, mini trees, tealights, cone-shaped Christmas trees, or even edible gingerbread trees. Fairy lights and ornaments scattered on the runner complete the tablescape. Or, simply place an evergreen wreath atop a round acrylic riser, add a candle to the center, and arrange ornaments around the candle.

4. Create a holiday Glow with Acrylic Cylinders

Fill acrylic cylinders with an assortment of ornaments and place on a dining buffet, kitchen counter, or bathroom vanity to spread holiday cheer throughout your home. Optional: add battery-operated LED fairy lights to amp up the holiday glow. The ornaments can be extra ones that didn’t fit on the tree; a grouping of one or more colors to match a room’s décor; or a curated collection of themed holiday décor, such as woodland critters or vintage Shiny Brites.

5. Arrange a Holiday Vignette to Show Off a Cherished Ornament

Start with an acrylic box with a fluorescent blue base. Scatter faux snow on part of the surface (making sure to leave some of the mirror surface exposed), nestle in an ornament or two, then fill in with a bottlebrush tree or pinecones to complete the winter scene.

6. Showcase an Heirloom Ornament in a Shadow Box

Our wall mounted exhibit case will safely show off a sentimental ornament. Hang it in place of an existing frame on a gallery wall or hang it on its own to infuse some holiday cheer into your normal décor. Bonus: the acrylic will help protect the treasured ornament from sun damage or clumsy hands.

7. Create a Sweet Centerpiece

Start with our  Acrylic Cupcake Stand with 4 Configurable Tiers, place some faux snow on each tier, then arrange ornaments and other trimmings, such as branches or ribbons.

8. Show Off Your Vintage Flair

Pair vintage ornaments with other vintage pieces, such as candlesticks or ceramics. Place on an acrylic tray and use as a centerpiece on the holiday table. The tray contains and displays the items while also allowing it to be easily moved when it’s time to make room for the holiday meal.

 We hope our ornament display ideas inspire you to add more holiday joy in the form of decorating this holiday season! Contact our customer service team for questions and customization options.