7 Creative Ways to Showcase Stuffed Animals

While they’re cute and cuddly, stuffed animals are also big business. The global stuffed animals & plush toys market size was valued at $8.3 billion in 2022 and is projected to reach $13.6 billion by 2030.

These stats show how consumers are shelling out good money for these stuffed animals, so the last thing they want is to hide them away in a closet or risk them getting damaged by tossing them in a bin.


 7 Creative Ideas for Stuffed Animal Displays

wooden shelf stuffed with cute teddy bears

1. Display Boxes

If you have any stuffed animals that are special or worth more monetarily, it might be a good idea to protect them. One simple idea for a stuffed animal display is to keep them in display boxes. Our Acrylic Display Case with Black Wall-Mount Shelf is made of durable acrylic, so it not only shows off the stuffed animal but will also protect it from dust, sun damage, and prying hands. Have a large collection that you want to keep behind glass? Check out the 4′ Wide Wooden Lighted Floor Standing Display Case with Sliding Doors and Mirrored Back. It boasts built-in locks and tempered glass as well as 5 recessed puck lights to place a spotlight on your collection.

2. Acrylic Risers

Make the most of shelves and counter space with acrylic risers. The Acrylic Counter Top Double Riser – 10″ offers space on top and in the middle for smaller stuffed animals. A fun idea for a stuffed animal display is to also play with height. The Clear Acrylic Round Risers come in a set of three, with each at a different height. The Acrylic Z Risers are also a great way to display smaller stuffed animals, and our Acrylic Cylinder Risers come in different sizes and heights to help create a unique stuffed animal display.

3. Display Pedestals

When you really want to show off a particular stuffed animal, you can’t go wrong with a display pedestal.  Our Clear Acrylic Pedestal puts the emphasis on your stuffed animal, but if you want to choose to color coordinate with some of your favorite stuffed animals, we have pedestals in a variety of colors, including dark blue, red, and yellow, to name a few.

4. Wood Crates

Wood crates are an easy idea for stuffed animal displays. Our set of 3 Nested Pine Crates come in different colors and can be stacked or mounted to the wall. The Three Tier Wood Crate Display with Casters has plenty of storage and can be moved around, while the Six Wood Crate Display offers Six generously sized crates that lean forward to show off what’s inside.

 5. Shelves

This is an easy idea for stuffed animal displays. Line them up on some shelves or sit display boxes on each level. The Four Shelf Wooden Open Display Case is durable and comes in two finishes.

 6. Baskets

You can keep excess inventory in baskets, so everything stays organized. Our Nine Basket Display has three tiers of three wooden baskets deep enough to hold a few stuffed animals in place.

7. Display Towers

Create a stuffed animal display with our Hex Shaped Display Towers. Available in black, cherry, or maple finishes, they don’t require a lot of assembly and have built-in LED lights so your stuffed animals can take center stage.

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