6 Donut Display Ideas For Your Wedding

There are so many items that come together to make a wedding a success, but one of the biggest factors is the food. Couples want their guests to enjoy everything served at their special event—and one thing everyone looks forward to is dessert! While cake is the traditional sweet treat at weddings, some couples are stepping out of the box with donuts.

Why You Should Serve Donuts at Your Wedding

tray of doughnut

It’s not surprising that donuts have become such a popular dessert to serve at weddings. Some of their pros include:

They’re easy to hold. Unlike a slice of cake, which needs to be put on a plate and eaten with a fork, donuts are small enough to hold as guests mix and mingle throughout the event.

Guests can sample different flavors. Couples can offer cupcakes in an array of different flavors, so guests can try out as many as they want.

Donuts can complement your décor or theme. Whether it’s your wedding’s season, theme, or color scheme, donuts can easily be decorated to complement your entire event.

They can be budget-friendly. Multi-tiered wedding cakes can get super pricey. Donuts are a great option for couples on a tighter budget.

You can create show-stopping displays. Donuts are small and portable, so they’re perfect if you want to put together a gorgeous donut display for your wedding.

6 Donut Display Ideas

Looking for inspiration for donut displays for weddings? shopPOPdisplays has everything you need to showcase your sweet treats in style.

Display Stands

You can utilize our cupcake stands to create a unique donut display at your wedding. The Acrylic Cupcake Stand with 4 Configurable Tiers has interchangeable decorative filigreed bases that interlock to create a stable base for three layers of tasty goodness. And our Clear 3 Tier Round Cupcake Display will offer a classic, but still impressive, design for your donut display.

Acrylic Risers

Place individual donuts or stack them into towers or pyramids with our assortment of acrylic risers. Our Acrylic U-Shaped Risers come in different sizes so you can make your donut displays for weddings as small or as large as you want. The clear design also puts the spotlight on the confections, so feel free to choose some colorful icings and edible decorations for your donuts.


Donut wall displays are so much fun for guests—they simply grab and go! Use one of our slatwall merchandisers and small hooks to hang the donuts from each level.

Knockdown Displays

Add some pizazz to your donut display at your wedding with this 5 Shelf Round Display. Each shelf can be custom-orientated so you can position them at different heights and directions. Even better: It’s easy to take apart—perfect for event planners who are putting together donut displays for weddings on a regular basis.

Wire Racks

If you want a simple look at your donut display table, look no further than the Three Tier Counter Top Wire Rack. It can hold an assortment of donuts.

Display Carts

Set up a rustic-themed donut display for a wedding with the Wood Display Cart with Chalkboard Sign Top. It boasts an oversized tray and a chalkboard for personalized messaging.

Start Designing Your Wedding Donut Display with shopPOP

Ready to start putting together your donut display for weddings? Shop our selection of display items and feel free to reach out to our customer service team with any questions.