How to Build a LEGO® Display Case


LEGO® enthusiasts know that building intricate sets is only half the fun. Once you’ve painstakingly pieced together the heroic Optimus Prime or meticulously assembled a magical Disney Castle, the next step is to proudly show it off. That’s why it’s important to know how to build a LEGO® display case that keeps your masterpiece looking pristine and out of harm’s way long after it’s complete. Read on for our expert tips.

The Importance of a LEGO® Display Case

A great way to keep your collection clean, LEGO® display cases are ideal for preventing dust from building up in all the nooks and crevices of your sets. LEGO® display cases also keep your finished sets protected from any potential mishaps caused by curious hands and pets. This allows you and others to safely appreciate your hard work without the risk of disassembly. Plus, a well-organized display can turn your LEGO® collection into beautiful home or office decor that will impress all your guests.

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5 Steps to Build a LEGO Display Case

Let’s dive into the steps it takes to build a LEGO® display case using shopPOPdisplays’ range of products and options.

  1. Take Inventory – Before you even start to think about how to build a LEGO® display case, you’ll need to get yourself organized. Figure out whether you want to showcase a set you’ve already completed or piece together a new one specifically for this project. After you’ve selected the particular set(s), look up their model numbers – you’ll need this in order to match it to the appropriate coordinating case. If you’re choosing to display minifigures, count up exactly how many you have, as this will give you a better idea for the specific room and size of case you need to accommodate them all.
  2. Choose the Location – Measuring the space you have available for a display case is also imperative to determining which LEGO® sets you can fit where before you start. Do you prefer to place the set on your office desk, the dresser in your bedroom or a pedestal in the dining room? Determine how often you want it to be seen and by who, as well as where exactly it will fit into your existing space.
  3. Select the Type of LEGO® Display Case – shopPOPdisplays offers a wide selection of premium display options for your LEGO® masterpieces. More expensive yet also more convenient, the permanently-assembled cases come ready to use, so all you have to do is place your completed set inside. More affordable yet also more time consuming, the ready-to-assemble cases come with easy instructions and hardware included. You can also opt for a LEGO® stand to elevate your set for visual appeal, or a wall mounted display case to showcase your collection of minifigures.
  4. Explore Customization Options – Aside from offering an extensive array of display cases specifically designed to showcase and protect your cherished LEGO® sets, shopPOPdisplays also provides customization options to take things up a notch. Want to include a beautiful backdrop to further enhance your LEGO® display case? We use high-resolution digital UV equipment to print them in-house for faultless results and a truly special touch.You can also choose from a limited selection of LED-lighted covers for a spotlight effect. And, if you prefer the individuality of a MOC (my own creation) LEGO® set, we can accommodate that too. Our experts can help identify the best custom LEGO® display case to fit the layout of your set(s), down to the exact measurements and colors.
  5. Enjoy! – Now that you’ve figured out the specifics, all that’s left to do is sit back and admire your masterpieces and allow others to do so without the fear of any possible mishaps.


If it wasn’t obvious from the minimal steps above, shopPOPdisplays makes it easy to create a professional-looking LEGO® display case. Take a look through our range today to choose the right options for you.