Keeping Your Collection Clean: How to Dust LEGOs

LEGOs are not just toys; they are works of art and treasured collectibles. It takes countless hours and painstaking attention to detail to create LEGO masterpieces, so of course you want to display them proudly in your home, where they add touches of nostalgia and creativity to your décor. Perhaps just as challenging as building them in the first place, it is difficult to keep your sets clean, as there are so many nooks and crevices where dust can build up over time. If you’ve been wondering how to dust LEGO displays or prolong the time between having to clean them, you’ve come to the right place.

Gather your cleaning supplies

 Here are a few different tried and true methods for cleaning LEGOs:

Soap and water:  The most intensive and least ideal method requires taking your particularly dirty LEGO sets apart to give them a proper soaking. You can let all the pieces sit in a bucket of soapy water before scrubbing them gently with a soft sponge. It’s a good idea to pour the water into a colander or sifter to prevent even the tiniest pieces from going down the drain. Lay them out on a towel or mat so they can dry before you start to rebuild.

Air compressor: If dismantling your collection isn’t for you and instead you want to know how to dust LEGO displays while keeping them in tact, you’ll be blown away by the results of an air compressor. It’s a contactless way to remove layers of dust in seconds. Just be careful using one in fragile areas, as it’s powerful enough to knock a few pieces loose.

Paintbrush or makeup brush: Available in all shapes and sizes, as well as for different purposes, brushes in general are a great way to dust even the hardest-to-reach areas of your LEGO sets. Makeup brushes tend to have particularly soft bristles that are more densely packed, proving to be the perfect tool for sweeping every centimeter of your masterpiece. Eyeshadow brushes get into the smaller crevices with ease, while powder brushes tackle a decent amount of space at once.

Keyboard vacuum: If you think about it, cleaning a keyboard is a lot like the process of cleaning your LEGOs, since there are so many grooves and spots that are difficult to access. A keyboard vacuum sucks the dust right up through its tiny nozzle. Brush-tip attachments also allow the vacuum to work double-time, both lifting and discarding the dust at once, so you don’t have to worry about dispersed dust settling back down on your display.



Preventative methods for dust buildup

Now that you know how to dust LEGO displays, it’s worth mentioning ways to prevent them from needing to be cleaned as often.

Display cases provide a physical barrier that shields your LEGO creations from dust and other debris, while also protecting them from accidental bumps, spills, or curious hands. They enhance the overall presentation of your LEGO sets, allowing you to showcase them in a controlled, safe, and visually appealing environment. shopPOPdisplays’ array of assembled and ready-to-assemble LEGO display cases include LED light covers and vibrant UV-printed backdrops that leave a lasting impression. You can have one custom-made to suit your own creation or sift through the collection to find the one specifically designed for your particular set.

Other preventative measures include using an air purifier in the room where you display your LEGOs – this also ensures you’re breathing clean, fresh air when you view and assemble your collection. Vacuuming the carpet often also helps get rid of dust that settles from the air, so it doesn’t collect on your displays.

Don’t let dust hold you back from building and admiring your LEGO displays. There are plenty of ways to keep them looking spotless long after they are assembled.