Three Styles of Acrylic Display Cases for Retail Fixtures

Display cases are a fundamental part of the contemporary retail experience. Maybe your business is opening a new store, or undergoing an initiative to remodel an existing store to breathe new life into it. No matter what the motivation is, retail display cases are a fantastic choice to present and protect items.

Clear acrylic display shelves holding unique painted eggs.

Perhaps these items cannot, or should not be stored on open shelving. Or, maybe your store wants to give a stylish appearance to featured or exclusive inventory—which can be accomplished by utilizing display cases with different finishes and styles. This includes a choice between transparent acrylic cases, which allows products to speak for themselves, or solid colors that can add branded accents to the display case.

Regardless of the purpose of the display case, be sure to design the floor plan of your store with intention.  This means ensuring there is a balance between product selection and available space while balancing practically with aesthetic appeal.

To strike this balance, retailers and merchandisers should mix and match different styles of display cases for the optimal effect. Read on to learn more about which acrylic display cases will best serve the needs of your retail location.

Counter top Acrylic Display Cases

Counter top acrylic display case for ice cream

Countertop display cases are excellent for storing small items without taking up floor space. When placed in moderation, these acrylic display cases allow retailers to display more items without creating a significant amount of clutter. These cases can be used for a range of products, and are excellent for use in point of purchase displays. For example, retailers often use acrylic shelf risers to put candy or snacks right next to the cash register. This way, hungry shoppers will feel tempted to purchase a small, but high-margin, item to satiate themselves after a long shopping experience.

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Here are some key variations for counter top acrylic display cases: 

Shelving- Display cases commonly include anywhere from one to five shelves. While a greater number of shelves will help merchandisers display more items, sometimes fewer shelves are more effective for putting emphasis on key products.

Rotating- Rotating display cases are excellent for storing a large amount of small items. With this capability, shoppers can get a 360° view of the entire display case while standing still.

Locking- Locking display cases are often used as jewelry display cases, due to their ability to keep high-value items safe. Retailers often combine these with jewelry organizers such as earring displays or watch displays to make products appear more appealing to consumers.

Other Stylistic Options- With variations like sliding doors, mirrors, and slanted display cases, retailers can find the perfect style for displaying their unique products.

Wall Mount Acrylic Display Cases

wall mount acrylic display case for museum

Wall mount display cases save floor space while encouraging customers to move around the store. Typically, they are affixed to the walls of the store and come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. These acrylic display cases are often used by retailers that sell fashion accessories like purses.

Below are a few variations for wall mount acrylic display cases: 

Pedestal MountedPedestal mounts are available in both wedge and block styles. No matter which style is chosen, your store’s most valuable items will stand out in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Shallow Cases – When storing a large amount of tiny items, such as figurines, a shallow case can be ideal. This way there is less blank space minimizing the appearance of the item on display.

Shelving – Like countertop display cases, there are a variety of shelving options available to help store more items, or emphasize a few star items.

Floor Standing Acrylic Display Cases

A blue, orange and pink purse in a retail window display on a shelf.

Floor standing display cases are one of the most popular options for retailers. This is because they are capable of storing a large volume of items—and can even be fashioned into the form of checkout counters. These cases are typically best utilized when placed alongside areas that get a significant amount of foot traffic.

Here are a few key variations for floor standing acrylic display cases:

Shapes – Floor standing acrylic display cases are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. This includes square display cases, rectangle display cases, and even hexagonal display cases! These can add additional visual interest to the merchandise stored inside.

Bases – These cases can use a variety of bases to better display items. For example, a display case can be placed on top of a pedestal riser to add visual interest to a single featured item. Alternatively, a shorter base may double as a cabinet, allowing retailers to restock items inside of the display case at a moment’s notice.

Retail Counter – By combining a retail counter with a display case, retailers can maximize the use of floor space. When making a purchase, it is almost certain that customers will be aware of the items underneath the checkout counter. This is also ideal for items that are exceptionally valuable since access is restricted to employees only.

Other Stylistic Options –  Floor standing display cases can be outfitted with a variety of minor stylistic changes to add visual interest. For example, LED lighting can be integrated to draw attention to objects inside the case. Alternative, acrylic mirrors can be positioned at the back end of the display case, giving shoppers a better view of the items inside the case.

Final Thoughts

As a mainstay of retailers and merchandisers around the world, choosing the right display case styles for your business is crucial. While this may mean striking a difficult balance between form and function, retailers will ultimately enjoy increased sales and better use of their overall floor space by utilizing acrylic display cases.

Ready to bring your store’s visual merchandising to the next level? Take a look at our acrylic display cases category page. Or, if you have questions about customized display cases, reach out and contact us today.