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Cash Wraps, Cash Wells & Checkout Counters

Cash Wraps, Cash Wells, or Checkout Counters are the workhorses of retail operations. No retail store fixture is more important than the Cash Wrap. It represents the final opportunity to make extra sales before customers leave your location. Those who retail successfully understand the use of the Cash Wrap and the valuable real estate surrounding it.


More than just a point of sales hub, your cash wrap also serves as an information counter. Encourage customers to come to your team for caring, credible assistance. Employees stationed at or near the Cash Wrap can get work done while being available to buyers on the floor, rather than disappearing into a stock room. Engaged customers buy, over, and over again.

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Consider adding signage or brand identity elements that compliment your theme and convey your message. Cash Wraps may be merchandised. Avoid clutter, but take the opportunity to broadcast your message, not only to customers in-store but depending upon positioning, to those passing by as well.


Tips for merchandising your cash wrap effectively:

  • Encourage customers to buy things they weren't planning on, Generally, this means the price point should be relatively low.
  • If you want to put higher priced items on the cash wrap, make sure they're the kind of purchases you can easily encourage.
  • Leave room. Be mindful that while you have the opportunity to create additional cash generating space with the Cash Wrap, you do need to have room to complete sales, for customers to lay down merchandise and other items without knocking things over.
  • Frame it well. The wall behind your Cash Wrap is where customers waiting to check out will be looking. Make it appealing. Think bold colors or designs, your logo or brand message, or perhaps something interactive.