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Makeup Organizers and Display Stations

Both elegant container and stylish display, our assorted selection of makeup organizers and display stations are as captivating as the items they hold. Whether you are selling lipstick in a department store or organizing brushes in your home, our cosmetic cases showcase the products you love and use daily. From clear plastic makeup drawers to brush holders and lipstick cases, we offer numerous solutions to exhibit your makeup, banish piles effectively, and minimize clutter. Choose from containers with drawers, open storage displays, or tiered displays to ensure that everything is both in its place and at your fingertips.

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ShopPOP Displays carries a broad selection of makeup cases, dump bins, trays and storage boxes to organize and display your makeup.

  • Our organizers are shatter-resistant, injection-molded clear plastic
  • Designs feature uncompromised visibility and secure storage
  • Designed to keep surfaces neat and tidy
  • Perfect for storing jewelry, cosmetics, accessories and other small bits and bobs
  • Multiple sections fit various sized cosmetics, applicators and accessories
  • Great for both retail makeup displays and home storage

How do I show my makeup for retail?

Makeup companies rely on package design to differentiate themselves from other brands. Clear acrylic makeup organizers and display stations are a great way to showcase different brands and their unique packaging in a retail setting. Clear acrylic is durable and easy to clean, ideal for high-traffic areas.

What are the best types of displays for beauty products?

The best way to display beauty products is to organize them by type. Our multi-tier lipstick organizers come in different styles to fit round and square lipsticks. Use a stair-step display to showcase small bottles of nail polish or lotion. Consider dump bins for organizing loose products like lip gloss, blush, and brushes.

How do I arrange my cosmetics shop?

There are several factors to consider when arranging a cosmetics shop. One factor is retail space. You want to showcase as much product per square foot as possible to maximize potential revenue. Use floor, countertop, and wall-mounted displays to optimize retail floor space. Pair these displays with product-specific risers for best results.

Another factor is foot traffic flow. Cosmetic shops should arrange fixtures that provide easy access to products and encourage customers to walk around the store. Consider using floor standing signage for wayfinding and floor standing retail displays to increase impulse buying.

How can I organize my at-home makeup vanity?

A great way to organize your at-home makeup vanity is to use a variety of makeup organizers for your items. Use a lipstick display to keep lipsticks easily accessible. Our multi-compartment case is perfect for storing accessories like brushes and sponges. Keep your collection of nail polishes visible with a stair-step riser. Using the right mix of makeup organizers will help revitalize your at-home vanity.