How to Make Your Signs Weatherproof for Your Next Outdoor Event

With warm weather on the horizon, there are plenty of outdoor events quickly approaching. For advertisers, marketing teams, and event planners everywhere, it is an optimal time to make outdoor signage weatherproof to effectively drive awareness and direction to crowds everywhere. According to, “Outdoor events are an excellent chance to bring in eye-catching and functional signage that not only promotes the event but doubles as persuasive advertising for your business and brand. Effective outdoor signage should always attract the attention of those around it without being too distracting while being memorable.” Keeping this in mind, it is important to use weatherproofing material to protect your sign from fading in the sun, colors running in the rain or snow, or any other harsh elements. In this blog post we discuss the many ways to weatherproof your signage for your next big outdoor event!


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Spray with Weatherproof Sealants


When using wood or vinyl as a medium for your outdoor signage it is a smart idea to always protect its surface with weatherproof sealants to safeguard against the elements. According to, “By painting a weatherproof sealant over your sign with a paintbrush, sealants lock in the materials they are painted over by providing a protective coating, so that sun, hail, snow, and rain do not ruin them.”



Shield with Lamination or Acrylic

A wonderful way to protect your outdoor signage is to laminate it or cover it with an acrylic sign holder. According to, “Laminating your sign is a great idea because it will protect it against all of the elements and not just the sun. A proper laminate can really lengthen the lifespan of your signs. Therefore, a UV resistant laminate should be considered essential for all outdoor signs.” If laminating a sign is not a feasible way to protect your signage, PLEXIGLAS® or acrylic sign holders are other durable options that can protect your signage from most weather conditions. Acrylic sign holders are available in a variety of orientations and sizes and can be adhered to fixtures in multiple ways including magnets, suction cups, and easels.

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Sand and Apply Wood Putty if Needed for Wooden Signs


Wooden signage offers a rustic appeal to any big outdoor event. Treated wood is a smart choice when making welcome or directional signage for an event space. If opting to use this material, consider smoothing the wooden panels with sandpaper. Smooth wood reduces the retention of water and moisture from any precipitation that can permeate the wood. If there are nicks, scratches, or other indentations applying wood putty to the areas helps prolong the life of the signage by preventing further deterioration. Using a putty knife, apply the wood putty on the scratches or any damaged areas in the surface, so the sign remains intact. Allow the putty to dry and sand, as necessary.


Utilize Weatherproof Paint


Regardless of what medium you choose for your outdoor signage, it is crucial to select a type of paint that is specifically engineered for outdoor applications. Usually using a high-quality, acrylic-based paint is recommended because it has better adhesion than other types of paints. Another reliable option is to use enamel, which provides a hard outer surface to the wood or signage material. Use several thin coats of weatherproof paint for maximum effectiveness and long-lasting results.


Choose Acrylic Signage


Acrylic plastic is an optimal choice when designing outdoor signage. When creating outdoor signs, custom acrylic signs from shopPOPdisplays are an ideal choice. The reason acrylic signage can be successfully stationed outside is because they are manufactured with tough and durable plastic materials that are resistant to all types of weather, even the harshest and extreme heat and freezing conditions. With a wide range of thicknesses available, acrylic sheets offer a clean and sophisticated appearance that make them a popular choice. Acrylic sheets and signage boast a glass-like finish that is transparent and smooth, but incredibly durable unlike its glass counterpart. It makes for a wonderful medium to print on and provides an impressive, eye-catching result to really capture the attention of the crowds. For those looking for environmentally friendly acrylic, shopPOPdisplays offers ACRYLITE® proTerra responsibly recycled acrylic in sheets and custom orders. This sustainable recycled acrylic material has all the characteristics of acrylic – clarity, durability, weather resistance, and more. Contact our team a call about recycled acrylic ACRYLITE® proTerra.


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Choosing the best method to weatherproof signage for your needs will save you time and money overall. Whether using a wood sealant, wood putty, paint, plastic sheets, or recycled acrylic ACRYLITE® proTerra, weatherproof signage will deliver long-lasting like-new results so you can concentrate on other business solutions.