6 Unique Ideas for Toy Store Displays

Are you wondering how to create an immersive toy store display that will catch the attention of children and their parents? Not sure which display shelves would be best for which toy? Don’t kid yourself: Toy store displays can take a little work. But the right display will pay off by making your products fly off the shelves (or tables or rack or bin…). Here, we cover the essentials of creating an immersive toy store experience and provide some ideas for unique toy store displays that can be designed for different product categories using shopPOPdisplays display shelves and cases that can best serve each of these ideas.


toy store display with window with sunset in background


Essentials for an Immersive Toy Store Experience 

Here are a few things to keep in mind when creating unique toy store displays:



Put featured products in the (spot)light with accent lighting. You can use display cases with integrated lighting or light an entire area such as a corner or illuminate single products on individual shelves, cubbies, or pedestals to add emphasis and draw attention. Lighting is best used in a darker corner or along a wall where electrical outlets are easily accessible.

Hex Shaped Showcase Display Tower with Lighting and Shelves



Varying the heights of displays does have its advantages. Different heights offer visual interest and catch the eye but be sure to keep featured products at eye level. Establish a focal point for your display and position it so kids can see it at their level. You can place additional or complementary inventory on shelves or tables above or below.



Prioritize portable displays so you can save space and promote products anywhere in the store. For example, a five-shelf rolling cart can display sports equipment. A tower of stacking baskets on casters can hold clothing items sorted according to size or color. Making storage mobile means you can move it at whim to make space on the floor or wheel it out to your sidewalk to welcome shoppers into the store.


Five Shelf Rolling Wire Display



Kid’s toys come in colorful packaging so use that your advantage. Display or group by color to categorize products from books to candy to collectible cars. You can also take cues from specific products to select a color scheme for your displays. For instance, fidget toys spread out and arranged in the colors of the rainbow is a bright and cheery way to invite interest.



Create toy displays that encourage customers to touch and feel products. Toys and tester/demo items like slime, fidget toys, and musical instruments create a sensory experience when placed on a table for kids to play with while in the store. Packaged products can be placed on space-saving racks alongside the table to ensure a balance between creating a sensory experience and protecting the toys for purchase. Other toys (think plush) scream to be touched but the challenge is in how to display them. A variety of sturdy shelving units, bins, and racks can help organize them while keeping them accessible to young customers.


Cross merchandise

Put items that go together, together. Displaying toys like children’s books with licensed plush may persuade the shopper to buy the additional items. A rack holding skateboards can stand next to a table or shelving showcasing t-shirts, protective gear, and sunglasses and lip balm.



6 Unique Toy Story Display Ideas


1. Light up a Limited-Edition Toys Display

Whether it’s collectible Funko™ or buildable LEGO® sets, limited licensed products from Star Wars™ to Harry Potter™ to Frozen™ are a shoo-in for clear, acrylic cases. You can feature a new series collection and protect the toys at the same time by placing the case on a tiered table or on a higher shelf above licensed toys, such as action figures, playsets, and roleplay costumes. A lighted pedestal or display case can also showcase the finished model or collection.


White Acrylic Pedestal with Color Changing LED Lights


2. Draw Them in with A Rainbow Book Display

Take a page from home library décor and sort books by color for a cheery, rainbow-colored  Coordinating floor cushions can invite readers to take a closer look at the books. Candy is another product that benefits from the rainbow-hued display treatment. Think jellybeans placed in stacking acrylic bins or countertop dump bins and organized from red to purple-violet.


Acrylic 10


3. Create an Accessible Board Game and Puzzle Display

Board games and puzzles are bestsellers at many toy stores, so you want to prominently feature them. Place a working puzzle on a child-sized table and let your littlest customers try their hand at solving it or at least fit a piece or two. These toys are generally sold in flat packaging which makes them stack nicely on shelves (try shelving with adjustable shelf heights)  but you can also stack on unused floor space and under tables.


4. Elevate a Dollhouse and/or Doll Display

Showcase a doll, such as American Girl’s Doll of the Year®, by placing it on a pedestal, riser, or in its own enclosed case. Accessories can be displayed on nearby tables or shelving. For smaller dollhouse displays, glean inspiration from Pixar’s Up and attach balloons to the roof of a dollhouse centered on a table. The colorful balloons will draw attention to your display.


Folding Four Shelf Display


5. Design a Themed Toy Display

Create an immersive environment to display similar toys. Take a jungle toy theme, for example. Paint a simple tree outline on a wall and set open pallet boxes as storage against the mural. Shelves can be placed on the “branches” of the tree. String lights can brighten and draw attention to the display. This approach works for many themes: circus (paint a big top); dollhouses (paint an outline of a house); and cars (a black tunnel with dividing yellow lines) and provides space for cross-merchandising opportunities.



6. Make an Engaging High-Tech Toy Display

Display remote-control cars, drones, and other higher-priced, high-tech toys safely in locking display cases or in wall mount cases. An iPad on a tablet holder can demonstrate the toy and its features or play a video loop showing the toy in action. For less expensive interactive items—keep one on display for kids to play with. For example, musical instruments (flat pianos, ukuleles, and bongos) are always a hit with young kids. Unroll a flexible keyboard, such as a Rock and Roll It rainbow piano, on a display table and let the little ones make some music.


White Laminate Wall Wedge Pedestal Display Case



When creating unique toy store displays, keep it fun—just remember to keep your customers in mind. The ideas above should help organize your merchandise and promote sales. shopPOPdisplays has everything you need in-stock and the customization capabilities to make your store stand out. Consider customizing toy store displays with your logo, slogan, and/or color scheme. They’re memorable and unique. Contact us today. We’ll gladly assist you.