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Toy Store Displays

A toy store evokes feelings of fun and whimsy—as it should! That playfulness should extend to merchandise displays. As a toy retailer you need to appeal to both kids who want the toys and the adults who pay for them. Getting creative with how you present your products will inherently drive sales. And while you know to place products at varying heights to entice children and their parents, you may not have the right mix of toy store displays for the job. Whether you’re displaying new trendy toys, old-fashioned favorites, or just trying to move sale inventory, shopPOPdisplays has a variety of toy store displays and fixtures for your space.

What’s more, if you have specific requirements or ideas for a toy store display, we can provide custom-sized or custom-printed products. Contact us today!

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Toy Store Display Tips That Will Drive Sales!

Below is a curated selection of toy store display and toy store fixture options from shopPOPdisplays to consider for your toy store needs, along with ways to make toy displays child’s play.

Sneeze Guards. Safety first! Keeping patrons (parents and kids) as well as employees healthy is more important than ever. Retail barriers, such as sneeze guards, will keep everyone’s health in mind. From countertop and hanging sneeze guards to shields with pass-through cut-outs, plexiglass shields can be customized by size, mounting preference, and even with printed messages or logos.

Merchandising Display Shelves, Tables, and Racks. A mainstay of any retail space, these are your go-to displays for any and all toys and accessories. Shelving maximizes floor space by utilizing the vertical height of walls. Consider storing excess inventory of board games and craft kits up high or create a wall of like items, say Squishmallows®, for visual impact. Early readers, comics, and coloring books housed on eye- and waist-level shelves entice young ones with educational fun. Tables of varying heights can promote a grouping of themed toys or promote communal play. For instance, place puzzle pieces on a table to encourage kids to contribute to its completion. Then store puzzles to purchase on the floor underneath for visibility and easy access.

Racks can also be employed for space-saving, multiple display purposes. Use two- or four-sided display racks to show an assortment of smaller items, like charm bracelets, costume jewelry, and seasonal items like sunglasses or gloves. Available as floor-standing or counter-top models, these toy display fixtures are versatile and accommodating to any space.

Slatwalls. Small accessories can also be organized on a slatwall. Fully customize these slim toy store storage solutions with hooks, shelves, bins, and trays to hold candy, card games, card collectibles, and more. Add brackets and shelving to maximize space, or a pair of brackets alone can support sports equipment, like skateboards, instead of shelving.

Display Boxes and Cases. Securely showcase limited edition toys, such as LEGOs, Funko, American Girl dolls, models, sports memorabilia, and other collectibles in acrylic display boxes and cases. Our large and small acrylic display cases are versatile and available in a range of sizes and colors including clear, black, white, yellow, blue, and more.

A smart solution for point-of-purchase and impulse buys, dump bins come in many shapes and sizes. Countertop bins can be placed near the register for smaller items; while floor standing dump bins placed on the floor near the counter (or designating check-out lines) can hold stuffed animals and popular plush critters, such as Ty Beanie Babies®. Countertop bins are available in stair-step styles to increase visibility of items, and some have removable dividers to separate packaged or loose items, like hair ties, gemstones, or whimsical erasers.

Pedestals. Draw attention to products by elevating them on pedestals and risers. Pedestals are available in varying heights (floor-standing and tabletop); different materials, such as wood and acrylic; and different colors—including toy-store-friendly primary colors! Acrylic risers highlight featured toys and maximize product selection. For example, acrylic cylinders can elevate, contain, or cover a product while a three-square shelf riser to show a few variations of a product.

Wire racks and baskets. Think of these favorites as flexible storage. A five-shelf rolling cart can display sports equipment. Wire baskets in a 3-tiered dump bin can hold clothing items sorted according to size or color. Basket displays not only provide bulk storage—select one with casters and you’ve got on-the-go product promotions. Place near the register for point-of-purchase or you can even wheel it out to your sidewalk or inside the front door to welcome shoppers into the store.

Gridwall panels and towers. Customize a gridwall panel with baskets, bins, and racks to contain large or small items. Think packaged items, such as packages of Pop It!® fidget toys and loose items such as sports equipment and backpacks. Pick your theme and customize panels accordingly—you’re only limited by your imagination!

Stationary and spinner racks. Many a parent is buying a birthday gift on the way to a party. Make finding greeting cards easy with a space-saving wire rack to hold cards. Bonus: Spinner racks can easily be moved to another location in the store to maximize space or increase visibility.

Art display panels can put comic books or licensed posters prominently in view of potential fans. Use art display panels to showcase a new series collection or to coordinate with movie releases (streamed or in theaters). You can place on a table or on a higher shelf above licensed toys, such as action figures, playsets, and roleplay costumes.

Rolling display carts. Spark pretend play ideas by transforming a rolling display cart into a lemonade or farm stand showcasing creative food play provisions or fill a cart full of farm animal plushies. Design features of these carts include an angled, open roof, or a chalkboard sign at top to help customize for your use.

Wicker trays and baskets. All that shopping can make customers hungry. A tiered wicker basket display arranged near the register can offer candy, water bottles, and other snacks for sale.

Display Stands. There are stands available for almost any category of product you sell, making it easy to can find one to fit your needs. For example, kids’ jewelry displays (watches, rings, earrings, etc.), a book stand to promote in-house author readings, gift cards, or even a soccer ball!

Chalkboard Signs. A staple of childhood, chalkboard signs can be used to advertise products and price, promote sales and special offers, or display store hours and social media accounts.

Store Categories To Display and Organize

  • Loose Toys. Organize loose toys, such as stuffed animals, balls, etc., in standalone bins and round wire baskets/racks.
  • Comics can be put prominently in view of potential fans in display cases.
  • Limited edition toys, like Funko™, LEGO® (Star Wars™, Harry Potter™, models, and collectibles are a shoo-in for clear, acrylic cases.
  • Candy in countertop dump bins is hard for customers of all ages to resist.
  • Books. Take a page from home library décor and sort books by color for a cheery, rainbow-colored display.
  • Board games and puzzles stack nicely on shelves, but you can also stack on unused floor space and under tables.
  • Card games and card collectibles are visible when hung on hooks on a slatwall.
  • Sports items such as balls, bats, and gloves can be tossed in wire baskets; skateboards can levitate on brackets hung on a gridwall or slatwall; and more cumbersome items like helmets and roller skates can be placed on shelves. Alternately, showcase special edition or signed baseballs in their own display case.
  • Dolls. Showcase a doll, such as American Girl’s Doll of the Year®, by placing it on a pedestal, riser, or in its own enclosed case. Accessories can be displayed on nearby tables or shelving.
  • High-tech toys. Display remote-control cars, drones, and other higher-priced, high-tech toys safely in locking display cases or in wall mount cases.