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Whether you do it for fitness or are a member of an organized team, participating in sports is a huge part of American life. And while the industry faltered during the Covid-19 pandemic, it has now made a full recovery. In fact, the global sporting goods sector is expected to grow 8 to 10 percent a year up to 2025.

Since the typical sporting goods store stocks merchandise for a variety of different activities, keeping a sporting goods shop location well-organized so that products and equipment are easy to find for both employees and customers is crucial. That’s where sporting goods store displays, and sport display shelves come into play. And when it comes to finding the best options for your location, shopPOPdisplays has all you need to create eye-catching and effective sporting goods store displays for less.

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Of course, well-placed signage is necessary for any business. Banners and flags help attract customers who are walking or driving by, while poster stands and countertop signs can guide people while inside the store to the various sporting goods store displays you have set up.

Slatwall displays highlight a vast selection of merchandise while saving space around the store, making them a valuable sporting goods store display option. Plus, slatwall accessories can create and support sturdy sport display shelves.

Sporting goods is about more than just equipment. With that in mind, clothing racks are also necessary for the jerseys, shirts and other attire you might offer at a sporting goods store.

Display cases can showcase sports memorabilia and collectibles as well as pricier merchandise that store owners don't want kept out in the open in typical sporting goods store displays.

Multiple floor standing dump bins can hold loose merchandise – balls, water bottles to keep everything organized and easy to locate throughout the store.

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Sporting Goods Display Ideas

Promote sales and events outside of your store location with banners in the window, such as our 24"w standard retractable display banner with stand custom print. It is lightweight, strong, and durable—and can be customized to fit your business needs. Flags are also a fantastic way to attract customers who are walking or driving by. Position our single sided custom print square corner 15' feather flag outside the front entrance or anywhere it will catch people's eye.

Once inside the store, you'll want to direct customers to all the sporting goods displays around your store. Floor-standing signs – like our chrome metal display stand with two tiers – can help guide people to different sections, as well as promote special deals and discounts.

Countertop signs near the cashiers can encourage people to sign up for email lists and membership accounts. Check out our 8.5" x 11" bottom loading plastic sign holder. Or you can save space with a double-sided magnetic counter mat.

Slatwall displays and accessories are an effortless way to keep merchandise organized and save on space. The double sided slatwall merchandiser is a mobile piece available in three finishes: black, white, and maple. Products can then be stored on sports display shelves and hooks, as well as in bins, trays and other accessories.

Of course, you need to keep customers informed of pricing. Our 4" h x 6"w shelf talker acrylic sign holder fits on most counters and sports display shelves. 

Hang sports jerseys, shirts, shorts and more from our spiral clothing display and our black 4-way garment rack, which is equipped with two faceout and two waterfall arms. Likewise, showcase  OG jerseys in acrylic jersey display cases.

Floor standing dump bins can hold a variety of loose items or small boxes of merchandise. Our round shelf wire racks make for an easy sporting goods store display. It has sign holders to present prices and product descriptions and can easily be moved around the store when you want to change up your layout.

Decorate your sporting goods store while showing off your sports memorabilia and valuable merchandise with the acrylic display case with black wall mount shelf, which comes in a variety of sizes. Our popular counter-top clear acrylic display case with base design rests on top of a sleek, acrylic black shelf—perfect for saving space and highlighting your favorite items.