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The beauty of gift shops lies in both the impressive range of products and the search to find the perfect item. However, the more effortless you make the customers’ search as a shop owner, the happier you’ll be with sales, which is where shopPOPdisplays’ gift shop display merchandisers can help. At shopPOPdisplays, we have everything you need to organize your store in a way that feels inviting for customers and helps them easily find what they need, while also drawing their attention to what specific inventory you want to sell.

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Floor standing dump bins are an effective way to group less fragile items like keychains, stuffed animals and toiletries, but elevated pieces, including jewelry and glass collectibles, require slightly more effort to showcase properly with acrylic blocks and pedestals. Garment racks will be a functional mainstay no matter the logo or location the clothing bears, and the same applies to signage, which is useful to communicate greetings, sales and promotions. Consider your branding reach and business recognition with cost-efficient customization options on these same items. shopPOPdisplays offers custom printing and engraving services to create a gift shop sign that meets your specific needs in addition to functionality and aesthetic. Contact us for more information.

Use Cases:

Here, a few gift shop display and gift shop sign cases to consider.

  • Card Stores. Brimming with so much more than just what their name implies, card stores tend to have a dynamic inventory that runs the gamut, and shopPOPdisplays’ gift shop display merchandisers keep everything organized and easy to navigate. Display risers create eye-catching dimension among picture frames and vases, while acrylic blocks showcase jewelry and collectible figurines in a visually appealing way. Impress customers with a well-maintained slat wall that easily adjusts to hang flags, wreaths, and blankets at accessible heights, or let them do the digging for just the right retro DVD or kitschy keychain in a dump bin.
  • Museum Gift Shop. When it comes to museum gift shop displays, it’s important to curate items so that it becomes a seamless extension of the experience. shopPOPdisplays has the capability to create a custom gift shop sign that you can hang from the ceiling or set up upon entrance. Free-standing and wall-mounted pedestals also continue the aesthetic of the museum and elevate scaled-down replicas of sculptures, installations, or artifacts. Shelf talker sign holders communicate prices of more fragile inventory like mugs or glass collectibles without customers having to physically handle the product, while poster adaptations of paintings can be put on display using any of the variety of frames we have available.
  • Hospital Gift Shop. Hospital gift shop displays play a significant role in making patients, visitors and employees feel more comfortable, so it’s necessary that they’re properly sorted out and quickly shoppable. Nested crates are great for propping up potted plants before they’re purchased and delivered bedside, and greeting card racks allow customers to choose from your assortment of well wishes. Stuffed animals find their place in basket displays, while hand sanitizer and personal care supplies, like brushes and deodorant, can be separated in one of shopPOPdisplays’ 6-bin double-sided chalkboard displays.
  • Hotel Gift Shop. Whether satisfying a late-night snack craving or offering sound advice for sight-seeing nearby, hotel gift shops are reliable places for guests to stop by to pick up whatever they need. A gift shop sign at the entrance welcoming shoppers and explaining store hours or health safety requirements is an essential yet effortless form of communication. shopPOPdisplays stocks rotating countertop brochure holders to organize maps as well as info on the most-visited tourism destinations. Candy, toiletries, or tech (like chargers or headphones) can be set up in tiered basket displays for easy access.
  • College Bookstores. What better way to show your school spirit than with apparel and accessories from the college bookstore? shopPOPdisplays’ garment racks and grid walls are ideal for neatly hanging plenty of hoodies and T-shirts in one area, and pamphlet holders at the cash register call to mind course requirements, club information and upcoming activities. Our 4-sided turntable sign display helps communicate sales and promotions and has a center area that can be filled with lanyards, keychains or pens. Of course, these types of gift shop displays aren’t complete without books! Highlight the most common or valuable selections at the top of your shelving units with our acrylic J stands.
  • Souvenir Shops. Your souvenir shop could be in the heart of a tourist town, bustling airport, or crowded sports stadium, but without a proper gift shop display strategy in place, sales could be impacted. Apparel is sure to be one of the biggest sellers, and a tiered table allows you to create interesting dimension among different styles of clothing and accessories. Shot glasses are another fan favorite, and they’d look great stacked on a knock down shelf display or flanged stair step for the counter. Valuable sports memorabilia, like signed jerseys, balls, or equipment, are best kept safe in locking displays. You can also arrange postcards on a rotating countertop display at the cash wrap as a last minute add-on.