5 Retail Signage Tips to Get Customers in the Door and Buying More

While the final numbers aren’t out yet, U.S. holiday spending is still projected to top $1 trillion in 2020, the second year in a row to do so. The brick-and-mortar retail experience still makes up the lion’s share of all retail sales, or about 85%, according to third quarter numbers this year from the U.S. Department of Commerce.

Now, more than ever, it’s critical to get the most sales momentum out of every potential shopper, whether they’re on the fence about engaging with your brand or roaming your sales floor. Retail signage advertising can help. Here are five ways your retail signage can get more customers in the door, boost sales while they’re inside, and keep your brand top of mind for their next purchase.





Storefront of "The Bath Brew House" with dim lighting.

View outdoor retail signage as your big introduction

If you’re an established brand with a recognizable logo, you have a leg up when it comes to outdoor signage. But a mom and pop store with a limited marketing budget must work harder to be seen. Our advice: Keep it top of mind that customers need to know who you are and what you do in seconds.

There are many ways to capture attention with outdoor signage. If you’re rebranding or just opening up, think of what people need to know when they see your sign. For some businesses, knowing what type of service or product is inside is the priority. Others can employ a little whimsy with a catchy name and font.


Some signs tell you exactly what to expect without fancy lettering. They’re bold, clear and contrast against their backgrounds. Others blend a unique blocky font to help the letters with other light neutral colors around it, like the one you see here. You know it’s a brewery, but the classy, hip look invites curiosity.


shopPOPdisplays blue feather flag.

Power up sidewalk signs

Retail customers could be broken down into these two groups: those who found the business through a referral or marketing outreach, and those who simply wandered in. So, what convinced that latter group to stop by? There are probably many reasons people just wander in, but don’t underestimate the power of sidewalk retail signs to help usher the curious through your doors. 

Some retailers use a classic A-frame sign to tout a sale or new product. There are so many other ways to be creative beyond that old A-frame. A lightweight acrylic poster stand encasing a flashy shot of a best-selling item can draw them in, too. The stand can also be just enough to get someone to turn their head toward your store to showcase an amazing window display. You can also try an eye-catching custom feather flag display with your company’s branding on it. Some are as tall as 15 feet, so drivers and people farther away will notice your store, too!




Red "50% off" signs in a clothing store.

Use color pops inside

Color is key when it comes to indoor retail signage. Whether you want to power up that end cap or window display, or pull the customer’s eyes across the room to a sales rack, choose a color that contrasts with what’s around it.


Notice how the red in this photo, even in small doses, catches your attention. You can use other bold colors, such as today’s popular cool teals, aquas and even some deep yellows. To magnify the color you can also encase the sign in a simple black metal stand. The black border of the frame helps the sign’s color and message stand out.



White display pedestal with black and red flowers and "dad." written on the side.

Try a unique shape or a simple statement

Sometimes you need an unconventional approach, and a uniquely shaped framed sign can do the trick. This unique acrylic floor sign holder has a swiveled top to capture attention and allow the business owner to point customers to hot items, sales and irresistible displays.


And don’t overlook the power of a simple word. This block, used in our work with Verizon Wireless, tells customers where to find a great gift for dad. All it took was one word in bold letters!



Chalkboard sign promoting "40% off all jeans" written in green and pink.

Deck the countertops with retail signage for impulse buys

Your check-out stand is the opportunity to add to the final bill with impulse purchases or complementary products. Catchy displays and cross-merchandising entice, but good retail signage starts important sales conversations.


For example, use a countertop chalkboard sign to mention a new service or product. Make sure the cashier is knowledgeable on the topic so that he or she can guide the customer through an additional sale.

And let’s remember small well-placed, signage in these busy areas. Think of restaurants, where small acrylic sign holders on tables highlight happy hour and other specials. You can even use a counter mat near the register for messaging as well. These subtle tools can tactfully remind customers to pick up the ice for their soft drinks, the paint brushes for the art paint supplies and other additional sales opportunities.


Final thoughts

A retail signage strategy might involve some trial and error. When you find things that work, stick with them and don’t be afraid to mix things up. ShopPOPdisplays has more than 40 years of experience helping retailers find answers for their retail signage and display needs. Let us help you make your store stand out with the right displays and signs to get the most out of your storefront and retail store footprint.