Festival Preparation: Solving Your Signage Needs

A lot goes into planning a festival and creating appropriate, well-designed festival signage is one of the biggest needs to run a successful event. Take for instance, a music festival. If no one can find the stage or even worse the bathrooms, you are going to have a crowd of confused – and potentially angry people. According to eventbrite.com, “Without clear and concise signage directing your attendees and helping them find what they’re looking for, any event will quickly descend into chaos.” In this post we explore festival signage must-haves and the important and most popular locations that you will need to place directional signage for your festival to create positive flow and a successful show.



Entrance Signage


This is a crucial area for festival signage, as people flood in to enjoy their favorite performers, they need to know and understand how this outdoor event is laid out. Often at large music events like all-day or multiple-day festivals, there are several bands playing on different stages at the same time, which leaves attendees to have to make quick decisions on who they want to see on the fly. Enlarged poster display stands, banners, or wall mounted sign holders can be strategically placed in the welcome area to help show-goers find their path, get settled in, and better comprehend the landscape of this fun-filled event.



Parking Signage


Another pertinent part of festival signage is showing attendees where to park as they roll up to the venue. With thousands of people coming in at one time, it is crucial to have clear and concise directional parking signs, to keep the event organized, avoid accidents, and ultimately lead attendees to the assigned gate, specific lot, and parking spaces before and after the event. Parking signage should be large, using loud colors to easily gain attention from drivers. Banners and chalkboard signs can also be used to help navigate entrance gates and parking lot sections for festival attendees.



Bathroom Signage


An obvious necessity for any large event is bathrooms and portable toilets. Bathroom signage is essential when managing large crowds that spend their day drinking and eating at an event. This festival signage category is the most creative of all as it is scattered throughout the outdoor venue in the form of posters, banners, blades, flags, neon signs, and other event-specific  custom signage that can be adhered to poles, booths, and temporary tents – think color-coded signage for public toilets, concession stands, first aid/medic tents, security, etc.


Stage Signage


Another glaringly obvious need for any music festival is the need for stage signage to display which performer is playing where or at what time. This is often printed on several custom posters that can be positioned within poster stands or adhered against walls at the entrance of the festival, near vendor booths, bathrooms, and parking areas.



Libation/Food Signage


If a crowd is spending all day at a major event, then they are going to want to know where one thing is above all—the food! Festival signage should be easily found all over the place when attending a music festival. A common way that concession vendors display their menus is through chalkboard signs. This is a cost-effective and easy way to make updates – sold out to substitutions – to any selection. Chalkboard signage is also a portable option, so there is a way to continuously use it over and over again!


Are you or someone you know planning on hosting a music festival – large or small, indoor or outdoor venue? Contact our team of signage experts and discuss your custom options today!