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Business Card Displays

An attractive and professional business card display is a must for business offices of all sizes. A shopPOPdisplays business card stand is the ideal desktop option for organizing and displaying business cards for multiple professionals in a small or large office setting. Our large selection of business card holders fits the needs of your organization, including our single-pocket or multi-pocket desktop business card display stands or our vertical business card stand.

If you need a large multiple card holder, consider a wall-mounted business card display rack that includes 2-tier and 3-tier options.

We carry acrylic and wooden stands. Our solid oak or mahogany multiple-card holder is available in 3-pocket, 6-pocket, 9-pocket or 12-pocket sizes for desktop display. Our desktop acrylic stand is available in 4-pocket, 6-pocket or 8-pocket sizes.

Our single-pocket, plastic business card holder is a great countertop or desktop accessory to enhance your office space. It is available in a variety of styles and options like our plastic signage holders. Choose from vertical, cube, or horizontal displays in clear, black or fluorescent colors, or even a sign holder with a business card pocket.

ShopPOPdisplays business card displays are manufactured from solid wood or high-quality plastic. This plastic is a durable and versatile acrylic known as plexiglass or Perspex (which is similar to Lucite).

  • We are a manufacturer and supplier of acrylic business card displays, which we sell wholesale
  • Acrylic and wooden business card displays are for sale direct from our factories.
  • Popular colors: oak, mahogany, fluorescent, clear and black
  • Offering a variety of business card display stands, cases and racks for desktop or wall
  • Have something specific in mind? We can custom make a business card display for you.
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Use a desktop or wall-mounted, plastic or wood business card display rack to organize and showcase a variety of business cards. Medical professionals, real estate agents, attorneys and professionals who share a collaborative office space use a multi-pocket business card stand, business card cases, or our wall mounted acrylic business card display to organize and offer their business cards.

Available in durable acrylic (which is a type of plastic) or wooden models, our business card display stands are also an ideal way to merchandise and display gift cards. Our 6-pocket business card display is a popular option, featuring a countertop space-saving design. It is available in clear, white and black acrylic plastic offering sleek looks while keeping business cards organized.

Our 2-tier and 3-tier stands are available as black white or clear acrylic vertical desk-mounted stands with 6- or 10-pockets. We also have a wall-mounted multiple card holder with 24-pockets.

Our dual-purpose acrylic vertical business card stand holds your signage and business cards. This plastic frame is available in 5 X 7, 8.5 X 11, and 11 X 14 sizes.

Besides our acrylic business card display rack, we also carry a wood stand to match our wood waiting room chairs and furniture. Multiple card holder sizes include 3-pocket, 6-pocket, 9-pocket, and 12-pocket options. It is available in light oak, dark oak and mahogany finishes.

If you can't find a business card display frame to meet your needs, the perfect rack can be custom made to your specifications. Please contact us to discuss how your card cases can be customized. Custom printing and engraving are also available with a low-minimum quantity, ideal for business branding or a personal designer touch.