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Brochure Pamphlet Flyer Holders and Stands

ShopPOPdisplays is a manufacturer and supplier of acrylic, wood, and wire display products that includes leaflet dispensers, literature display cases, brochure racks, flyer display stands, and so much more. We offer a wide variety of brochure holders and stands in acrylic and other sturdy materials, perfect for displaying any flyer or pamphlet type. Select from our large inventory of acrylic brochure and pamphlet displays available in a range of styles that includes rotating, wall mounted, and tabletop stands, as well as single brochure holder and multiple brochure holder types. Choose from a selection of materials and finishes including durable plastic and wood. Any acrylic flyer holder display or acrylic pamphlet holder you choose is made of a type of strong plastic, also known as plexiglass, in-house at one of our factories. You may have also heard of this type of acrylic referred to under similar brand formulas such as Perspex and Lucite. In addition to our vast range of plastic display stands, we also carry wooden and wire brochure displays. Our units come in many sizes from large to small, including stands capable of dispensing large 8.5 x 11-size brochures and flyers. Our plexiglass brochure holders and stands come in a variety of colors and styles that are attractive additions to any business countertop, reception area, waiting room, and more. Need a portable option for trade shows? No problem, we’ve got convenience covered with our portable acrylic brochure display options. Plus, if you can’t find the style or color flyer display stand you require, we can custom make it for you.

  • We are a manufacturer and supplier of brochure and pamphlet holders and stands, which we sell wholesale nationwide direct from our factories.
  • Popular literature styles include brochures, pamphlets, flyers, leaflets.
  • Material options available for sale include acrylic (plexiglass) and wood.
  • Choose from placement types that include countertop, floor standing and wall mount.
  • Our brochure and pamphlet holders are made of durable acrylic plastic, also known as plexiglass or under the brand names, Perspex and Lucite.
  • We can make brochure, pamphlet and flyer holders and stands custom for you.
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Where Can I Use Brochure Holders?

Wherever you have a need to dispense, display or provide brochures, flyers, pamphlets or printed handouts is the ideal location for acrylic brochure holders, displays, as well as plastic stands, wire racks or wooden flyer holders. For instance, physicians’ and dentists’ offices can use a rotating or wall-mounted acrylic flyer display, acrylic flyer holder or acrylic pamphlet holder as a dispenser for magazines, brochures, and pamphlets full of key information on health and wellness for their patients. Curb clutter and organize your space with multiple brochure holders. Available in plexiglass or wood finishes, brochure holders are an elegant solution to provide your clients with literature and leaflets in waiting rooms on your reception area countertop, or a small table between chairs in the waiting room.

Alternatively, anyone who presents at conferences or trade shows should choose a portable acrylic flyer or pamphlet holder they can take with them whenever they travel to hotels and events. Our acrylic can also be customized with your company name, event name or pamphlet title to help promote your event as well as your brand. And a wall-mounted single brochure holder is perfect for holding menus at any café or restaurant.

What Are Acrylic Flyer Stands and Brochure Holders Made Of?

ShopPOPdisplays are manufacturers and suppliers of a wide selection of in-stock and custom pamphlet racks, brochure stands, flyer displays, and much more. Our plastic brochure holders and cases are made on-premises in our factories out of a type of acrylic, also called plexiglass. You may have also seen it referred to by brand names such as, Perspex or Lucite. However, if you prefer wood or wire for displaying your brochures or pamphlets, we make a variety of options in those materials, too.

How Do I Choose the Right Brochure or Pamphlet Holders?

Our plexiglass pamphlet displays, cases, stands, and holders come in a wide range of colors, sizes, and styles that include wall-mounted display racks and sizes large enough to hold and dispense 8.5 x 11 pamphlets, leaflets, and flyers. If you don’t see a size or color you need, our acrylic brochure pamphlet holders can be custom made in colors that match any office décor. Contact us today to get help selecting the right acrylic, wood or wire brochure, pamphlet, flyer or leaflet display option for your office, restaurant, hotel, clinic or facility.