From Box to Beautiful: 5 Ways Flat Pack Wooden Furniture & Displays Can Transform Any Environment

Whether you’re setting up seasonal retail displays for your business or planning an event in your home, it’s crucial that you use products that will make set up and take down as simple as possible. In addition, you’ll want cost-effective, stress-free, and time-saving products. Enter Woodland Park Collection by shopPOPdisplays flat pack wooden furniture and displays.

These flat pack furniture and display options are easy-to-assemble (no tools necessary!) and made of sturdy environmentally-friendly composite wood. Even better: They are super affordable, so you can design your ideal display stands or event area without breaking the bank.


Not convinced? Here are five ways flat pack wooden furniture and displays can enhance any space.


Complement every décor: Each flat pack display is neutral in color, created with an engineered composite wood matte and a slight sheen finish on both sides. That means that flat pack furniture and displays will fit into any aesthetic and color scheme. And each piece can either be painted to match your décor and be customized to include your business name, logo, slogan, or product name.

Portable wooden 4 shelf A-frame collapsible display.

Customize any design: You can use flat pack displays to create eye-catching designs that will showcase your products. For example, our Portable Wooden 4 Shelf A Frame Display is put together in minutes, with a pyramid shape that will surely stop customers in their tracks. While it’s collapsible, each shelf is sturdy enough to hold small merchandise or even decorative knick-knacks.


Save some space: One of the major benefits of flat pack wooden furniture and displays is that they pack a big punch but need a small amount of space. This Octagonal Side Table Collapsible Wooden Design is a sturdy side table with a modern octagonal design that can hold everything from products to appetizers—and fits seamlessly in a cozy corner.


Move it around: Flat pack wooden furniture and displays are as easy to take down as they are to put together, making them perfect for event planners who need to move them from one party to another, as well as retailers who sell their products at farmer’s markets, craft fairs, trade shows, and more. Even larger flat pack displays—like the Wooden Large Floor Standing 4 Shelf Display with Headboard, which has four deep shelves and a headboard with a customization option—can be packed up and transported with little effort.

Wooden large floor standing collapsible 4 shelf display with headboard.

Mix and match: You can easily mix and match different flat pack furniture options, as well as flat pack displays, to create a unique environment. Combine our Portable Wooden Counter with Inner Shelf with our Wooden Medium 3 Tier Countertop Display and Wooden Large 3 Tier Countertop Display. Or pair some of our flat pack wooden furniture and displays with ShopPOPdisplays’ line of acrylic display boxes and cases for something truly distinctive.


Ready to get started on designing your space with flat pack wooden furniture and displays? Contact our customer service department for more information on customizing your order!