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Pacific Grove Museum - Case Study

Inspire Discovery

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Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History, located in Pacific Grove, California is one of America’s first history museums. Since 1883, their mission has been to inspire discovery, wonder, and stewardship of the natural world. That's why when Director of Exhibits and Education, Juan Govea needed lightweight custom display cases for an installation, he came to shopPOPdisplays. How did he find us? Their team was tipped off by a trusted source, citing that we have unparalleled competitive pricing and exemplary customer service. The challenge? The non-profit museum had specific requirements with an exhibit scheduled to open, a limited budget, and not a lot of time. Nothing we couldn't handle!

Ready, Set, Go...

Although lightweight, the items that were slated to be displayed required special handling. Utilizing our custom box builder, they got a sense of the material and configuration required to support their display items and design of the collection. However, because their designs were a bit complex, our team opened a collaborative dialogue with their team that included the exchanging of photos, ideas, and versioning until we got it right!

Overcoming Challenges

Unfortunately, even with our steadfast focus and effort, one item in the original shipment required replacing however, our team was able to deliver on time in spite of the hard and fast opening date. The Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History team was "impressed with our turnaround" and our problem-solving capabilities. They described us as "tough and resilient."

Positive Impressions

When asked what they most appreciated about the shopPOPdisplays team, they said it is "your desire to ensure that everybody leaves happy." They sent us several photos of our acrylic display cases in their installation, and we simply could not be happier with the results.

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