Why Acrylic is the Best Material for Display Boxes

Display boxes are an important consideration when planning the layout of a retail space or collection. These simple boxes can provide a great amount of utility, helping to showcase products while also protecting them from potentially damaging outside forces. However, not all display boxes are created equal.  Many people that consider buying display boxes must choose between materials such as acrylic or glass.


clear display box in retail store

It’s important to consider the features and the benefits of acrylic display boxes to ensure you purchase the ideal display box. To make a more informed decision, read on to discover why acrylic is the best material for display boxes.

Why Choose an Acrylic Display Box?

While glass was once the standard material for display boxes, acrylic is becoming an extremely popular material for display boxes. Acrylic has many attributes that make it ideal for displaying collectibles and other items.


Shatterproof – While acrylic can crack and fracture, it will never shatter dramatically like glass. This will not only protect the object on display, it will also protect bystanders and prevent a time-consuming clean up. Acrylic display boxes are also more impact resistant than glass display boxes of the same thickness, protecting them from damage in the first place.

Optically Pure – Acrylic can be manufactured to be clearer than glass. It is also free of the aforementioned green tint that glass has. This clarity allows the items on display to be viewed without distortion. Shadows and reflections will also be reduced when using acrylic display boxes, contributing a clearer viewing experience. If a spotlight is being utilized on a display box, an contributing a clearer viewing experience. If a spotlight is being utilized on a display box, an acrylic box is a necessity to minimizes the reflection of light.

UV Resistant – Don’t be afraid to put your collectibles in the sunlight — use special UV filtering acrylic to prevent fading and premature aging of display items.

Lightweight – Acrylic display boxes are 50% lighter than glass display boxes. This makes hanging them or affixing them to walls much less hazardous than with glass. The lightweight nature of acrylic display boxes also makes setting up, moving, and taking down displays much simpler than with glass.

Cost Effective – Manufacturing clear acrylic display boxes is less complicated and expensive than manufacturing glass regarding both labor and materials. As well, acrylic display boxes are less expensive to ship due to their low weight.

Insulating – For specific storage conditions, the insulating properties of acrylic display boxes should not be overlooked. It will keep the object inside less susceptible to the effects of the cold and heat.


Acrylic provides an excellent way to present products and objects while protecting them from outside forces. In the end, acrylic display boxes will likely be the superior material for display boxes. It can protect collectibles from UV light, and provides even greater optical clarity than glass. Best of all, it will not cause a safety hazard if dropped or broken.

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