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Fashion Show Fixtures & Displays

Fashion shows can be super fun for the attendees, but organizers understand that it takes a lot of work to pull off a successful event. One of the most challenging aspects is keeping the backstage area organized so models can get ready with ease and make it out onto the runway on time.

Whether you're planning a formal runway fashion show, designer fashion show, charity fashion show, or sponsored fashion show, displays can help make your event a success. Signage will play a big part in your fashion show displays, with people backstage needing to know where to go for hair and makeup, dressing areas, and more. Our selection of floor-standing signs can help guide everyone in the right direction. Wall-mounted sign holders and poster frames can also be utilized to assist attendees in finding the restrooms, coat check area, and even their seats.

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Of course, you'll need clothing displays for all the fashions you'll be showing off during the show. shopPOP has a selection of clothing racks and acrylic displays for a multitude of accessories, creating a one-stop shop for all of your fashion trade show displays. Slatwall displays are also useful given that they can be outfitted with different accessories, including cubes, shelves, bins, and trays. These make exceptional display cases for fashion shows.

Locking display cases can keep valuable items safe, which is especially important given how busy the backstage area can get. When it comes to choosing fashion show display cases, it helps when you choose something that can serve dual purposes.

Fashion Show Display Ideas

Signage. Signage is needed to help everyone find their places, both backstage and in the audience. At shopPOPdisplays, our acrylic floor standing 8.5" x 11" sign holder with standoffs is an ideal choice for a fashion trade show display. Place the standing sign holder at the entrance to the venue so attendees can find directions on seating areas, the restroom, and check their coats.

For those backstage, our 22 x 28 chrome poster stand with flat base will guide models to different areas so they can get ready with ease, while wall-mounted signs—like the 11 x 17 wall mounted side loading acrylic sign holder—can be placed outside restrooms and dressing areas. And countertop signage, including the 5" x 7" top loading plastic sign holder, will come in handy to separate different items placed on tables, such as purses, scarves, and other bulkier accessories.

Display Cases. One of the most important fashion display cases is clothing racks. Our spiral clothing display can keep shirts, skirts, pants, and dresses separated. ShopPOPdisplays also carries 2way and 4way garment racks, so you're bound to find something that fits your fashion trade show display needs. And keep all your clothing organized with our selection of size dividers.

In addition to clothing, a fashion show needs plenty of accessories. Make sure necklaces don't get tangled by using our acrylic necklace display stand, while bracelets can be placed on our half round bracelet display, which comes in black and white. Our acrylic rotating earring display and 10-post earring display can hold various pairs of earrings, and belts will be front and center with the counter top belt display.

Slatwall. Smaller items—hair pins, makeup, brushes, and the like—can easily be stored with slatwall displays. Our double sided slatwall merchandiser is mobile so it can be placed around the backstage area with ease and is an effective fashion show display thanks to its cubes, shelves, bins and trays. These accessories can be used to hold everything from loose items to beauty products and even shoes and small purses.

Wall-Mount Displays. Fashion trade show displays might also require locking cases to safely store more expensive accessories. Check out our acrylic locking 5 shelf front opening wall mount display case has a cam lock key, and shopPOPdisplays also has flat locking display cases in different sizes.

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