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Dispensary Display Cases, Counters and Fixtures

When you’re looking for dispensary display cases for your cannabis, marijuana or retail business, look no further than shopPOPdisplays. Our dispensary display case line includes ready-made and custom cannabis retail dispensary store counters, marijuana store fixtures, cannabis showcases and more.

Our state-of-the-art cannabis display cases and dispensary fixtures are ideal for displaying your retail marijuana store products such as CBD oil, tinctures, edibles, vaping and paraphernalia on dispensary countertops and cannabis display counters for your retail store.

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What Types of Dispensary Display Showcases Should I Consider for My Retail Cannabis Store or Dispensary?

With marijuana laws changing and many states legalizing the substance for medical use, recreational use or both, now is the time to consider opening a retail cannabis dispensary, adding its sale to your existing smoke shop or vaping outlet, or expanding your existing store. A well-thought-out weed case or counter can be used to showcase the marijuana, tinctures, CBD oil, edibles, vaping supplies and paraphernalia available for sale in your store. Below you’ll find descriptions of the popular dispensary display showcases from shopPOPdisplays to help narrow your search.

Retail cannabis display showcase counters – This type of dispensary showcase counter is the ideal solution for displaying a vast selection of items in any retail setting. Showcase display counters are crucial for showing off your most popular merchandise. Highlight your customer’s favorite tinctures, glass bowl joint pipes products and more. Our cannabis display counter showcase is also ideal for drawing attention to your bud jars or glass jars full of bulk edibles.

Retail marijuana bud display showcases – When you need a merchandising solution for drawing attention to your dispensary bud displays or cannabis pod displays, look no further than the shopPOPdisplays bud display cases and showcases. Our showcases are available in a variety of sizes and types, including custom options.

Cannabis glass showcases – When you want an elegant, yet secure store fixture to showcase dispensary products—accessories and paraphernalia, premium product selection, etc.—our marijuana dispensary glass showcases allow your retail store customers to see the items you typically keep under lock and key. They feature clear class cabinets that provide ultimate visibility and are easy for your staff to access products clients want to purchase or see up close, making them key merchandizing tools to add to your store.