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Trunk Show Displays

Whether you’re a well-known retailer, specialty shop, antique boutique, or entrepreneur with a side business, trunk show exhibits are another popular method of introducing customers to your brand and merchandise. Usually held for a limited run – a week, one to two days, or a select weekend – in a variety of venues within modest spaces, trunk shows can offer anything from clothing, jewelry, crafts, and more. And since first impressions matter most, especially for short term shopping experiences, the right trunk show displays are essential. shopPOPdisplays has all your trunk show exhibit merchandiser needs covered. Select easy-transport garment racks, collapsible baskets, and more. If a compact or cozy space is where you sell your wares, consider customization options like brand colors for your trunk show displays. Likewise, print or engrave your brand logo, or company slogan on key pieces to ensure customers know your brand before leaving the store. That’s what we at shopPOPdisplays calls double-duty trunk show displays. Contact us with any questions. We’re here to assist you.
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Subcategories in Trunk Show Displays


Trunk Shows Display & Exhibit Ideas

Trunk show exhibits are a great opportunity for retailers to showcase their products while also giving customers a fun way to shop. The event—usually held over one to two days—can be set up anywhere from a yoga studio or art gallery to a country club or hair salon. That means you’ll need to bring your own trunk show display items to maximize your space and attract shoppers to your area. Luckily, shopPOPdisplays carries a variety of options that can be customized and personalized with your logo, brand name or company colors to help introduce new products, boost sales, and set your business apart. And for more information on custom options, be sure to contact our team.

Acrylic Risers

There’s no shortage of riser options to showcase your products. A short and long option can be placed on tabletops, shelves, or cabinets, while different-sized cylinder risers can create a unique display for the space. The reversible stair step riser has two separate orientations, keeping items organized and easy to see. Looking for more of a wow factor? Take a look at the acrylic backlit stair step riser, which boasts built in LEDs, or this gold mirrored acrylic u-shaped riser (it also comes in silver).
In addition, this set of three clear acrylic square risers is small enough to fit inside display counters or serve as standalone pedestals on shelves—and also comes in a round option. And the versatile 3-piece square riser acrylic display shelf unit can showcase your trunk show merchandise either in a stacking layout or individually. Putting them together and taking them down is a breeze!
Tilted displays are also a great way to put the spotlight on different products within the same display.

Knock Down Displays

It’s crucial that you’re able to easily set up and take down your displays at a trunk show. This knock down display is sturdy, but fully collapsible, easy to store and assemble It’s also available multiple sizes and in clear, frosted, or black acrylic.


Need a pedestal that’s easy to travel with? Look no further than a Portable Acrylic Display Pedestal, which comes in two sizes and a user-friendly collapsible design. Choose from black, white, frosted, mirrored and clear.

Locking Cabinet

If you have pricey items you want to keep secure at your trunk show exhibit, an Acrylic Locking Cabinet can keep your inventory safe while also showing them off. Choose from four or five adjustable shelves for different-sized products, both with a keyed cam-lock for security.

Retail Dividers

Create separate spaces in a flash with this portable floor standing sneeze guard divider. It’s both durable and lightweight.

Clothing Displays

Put all your garments front and center with the spiral clothing display, 2-way garment rack and 4-way garment rack (all available in both black and chrome). And don’t forget the vertical size dividers!


Place chalkboard signs around your displays for a cute look, or you can print out signs and slide them into a plastic holder.


Easels are an easy way to display signage around your merchandise. This acrylic easel with sign holder has all the features of a traditional display but in a smaller form. The deluxe acrylic display and tilted easel (available in multiple sizes) are also options.

Best Uses for Trunk Show Displays

There are so many businesses than can thrive with the help of a trunk show exhibit. We’ve chosen a few to show the types of displays that will make their event a success.

Jewelry Designers

Locking Cabinet: Display your precious gems while also keeping them safe.
White Tall Bust Necklace Display: Perfect for displaying individual necklaces. It’s also available in black and twine. There’s also the acrylic necklace display stand.
White Half Round Bracelet Display: Designers can place multiple bracelets on this display, which also comes in black.
Acrylic Rotating Earring Display. The easiest way to showcase a variety of earring types and styles.
black or white; a five finger ring display, also available in white or black; or the clear acrylic ring stand.


Portable Display Pedestal. So easy to travel with, this portable display is available in two sizes and a user-friendly collapsible design. It comes in black, white, frosted, mirrored and clear.
Acrylic Boxes. Showcase everything from new favors to centerpiece ideas on these handy boxes that come in several styles.
Vertical Size Dividers. Separate sizes or even dress styles with these handy dividers.
3 Tier Acrylic Display Shelf. Lightweight and portable, this shelf can be used on countertops or tables. There is also a round option.
Acrylic Knockdown 3 Shelf Display. Set up a showstopping display with these knock down shelves, available in small, medium and large.


Garment Racks. Put all your garments front and center with the spiral clothing display, 2-way garment rack and 4-way garment rack (all available in both black and chrome).
Neck Tie Display. Color coordinate neck ties or short scarves to create an organized and eye-pleasing display. Available in white, black and clear.
High Acrylic Table. Portable and easy to set up and take down, this table serves as the perfect counter space for accessories or folded shirts and pants.


Two Tier Lipstick Display. Create beautiful arrays of colors with this display, which can hold 24 lipsticks. Available in clear, white and black.
Four Tier Acrylic Spiral Shelf Display. Different products will be easy to find with this display, which allows shelves to spiral towards the left or right.
Three Tier Counter Top Display. Fill these cute baskets with lotions, creams and other beauty items. This rolling option is easy to move around.


Black Knockdown Stacking Baskets. Store supplies for sale in these deep baskets that make organization easy while taking up minimal space.
Three Step Stair Display. All of your creations will take center stage on this.
Acrylic Risers. There are so many options to choose from to make your craft creations and supplies shine.