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Brewery Displays & Signage

You've mastered your craft, your logo, and your branding. Now it's time to master your brewery display cases. Whether you are operating a microbrewery, regional brewery, contract brewing company, or you are more of a brewpub or taproom, there are many unique ways to display your beer and other wares. As a brewery, you're offering draft pours, packaged goods, growlers, crowlers, and single cans and bottles. Beyond beer, you might sell stickers, glasses, drinking accessories, and apparel. Plus, you may serve food and host tours for the public. That's a lot of various products. We can help. ShopPOPdisplays carries a variety of display cases for breweries, including cedar barrels, acrylic sign holders, display shelves, and more to help you succeed and stay ahead of your competition. We can also customize any displays. Contact our experts for help with custom or in stock items.

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Use Cases

In stock or custom, our products can help you create unique breweries displays:

  • Acrylic Risers. Use acrylic stair step risers on a counter near your brewpub's entry or register to highlight individual bottles or cans that are available for either in-house consumption or to-go.
  • An acrylic back-lit stair step riser can be placed on shelving behind the bar to put featured brews in the spotlight.
  • Display shelves for breweries like our four shelf wooden open display, can showcase single cans behind the bar, as well as 4-packs, 6-packs, and packaged goods behind the counter.
  • Create a vignette by placing beer bottles on top and inside of our single window cedar barrel 20" diameter x 30" high, 36". The product presentation in the cut-out is guaranteed to capture your customers' attention.
  • Spotlight seasonal selections or a featured beer (ie, beer of the day/week/month) by arranging on an acrylic riser.
  • Countertop display shelving, such as an acrylic adjustable dump bin, can hold custom-branded merchandise like coasters, stickers, and bottle openers.
  • Smaller-sized merchandise, such as branded PopSockets or bottle openers, can be hung on pegs on our acrylic countertop pegboard display. The countertop display comes with 20 clear acrylic hooks that can be configured to suit your needs.
  • A key feature of breweries is allowing customers to see and experience the craft of brewing. The entire brewing facility—from the mill room to the packaging line—is put on display. Use plexiglass shields to keep it visible but separated from the customer area.
  • Use floor standing sign holders to indicate each part of the brewery/brewing process in your public tours, such as mill room, hop cooler, fermentation cellar, packaging line, etc.
  • Impress your guests with custom cocktail napkins tucked into our acrylic square napkin holder coasters. The cocktail napkin inserts wicks away watermark-causing condensation to protect your bar and tabletops, while the circular cut out steadies glassware to prevent spills in the first place.
  • A rolling cart, such as a three tier wood crate display with casters, makes your space flexible. Use the cart to hold glassware for the biergarten and wheel it in at night. Or use to display merchandise. Its deep wooden crates are inclined to better show off your merchandise.
  • Organize display shelves for breweries by placing our custom print magnetic acrylic shelf labels on metal shelves, bins, and racks. Create custom signs with the beer's name, ingredients, ABV, and notes such as gluten-free or non-alcoholic.
  • If your microbrewery or brewpub hosts private events in addition to being open to the public, floor standing poster frames can direct guests to where they need to be.
  • Table service? Print your tap list and place in a 3.5 x 5 top loading plastic sign holder. The beer list easily slips into the holder (great for daily or frequent menu updates) and protects the paper from beverage spills.
  • Chalkboard signs (along with VersaChalk for DIY messaging) are a must for an everchanging tap list at the bar. Our custom chalkboard signs can be used to detail drafts behind the bar or list pours for beer flights for patrons.
  • Counter mats with insert can display your tap list at tables or on a bar. Placed at the register, they can show the available beers for take-out purchases.

Brewery Display Ideas:

At shopPOPdisplays, we have a variety of display cases for breweries. Here are a few categories of products to consider when crafting your brewery displays:

Wooden Barrels -- Used to impart flavor and aroma in beer, wood barrels can also be used in brewery displays. Feature seasonal beverages on a wooden barrel in the tasting area to help drive sales. Affix round, custom-sized pieces of acrylic on top of barrels to create tables for your taproom. Stack a few or more on their sides in an empty corner or along a wall for décor. You can even create a custom-branded barrel with your brewery's logo to display at your brewery's entry or use when at beer fests and shows.

Wooden Display Stands: The natural material is, well, a natural choice to use in tap rooms. A three tier wood crate display with casters brings mobility to supplies such as utensils, napkins, coasters, and plastic pint glasses for outdoor use. Wheel the cart wherever you need it. You can also use to display merchandise such as t-shirts and utilize each tier to organize by size. Our set of 3 pine nested crates is also at home in brewery settings. Stack them or mount them on a wall for open shelving. They're available in 17 different stains as well as a natural finish. You can also customize the sides of the crates with your logo. A four shelf wooden open display works just as hard behind the bar as it does in other public areas to display merchandise including individual bottles and cans, 6-packs, and cases. Our large 4 bin stacked display with dividers deftly displays single cans. The display also allows you to organize cans by type of beer (IPA, lager, stout, etc.).

Chalkboard signage: From your beer list hanging behind the bar to labeled beer flights delivered to a customer, there are endless uses to chalkboard signage. Using our Versachalk Chalk Markers, you can quickly create new messaging for all of your brewery‘s needs. Effortlessly transition between seasons and/or events by varying the color of the chalk markers along with your message. The Versachalk Chalkboard Cleaner & Eraser Kit makes it easy to remove chalk residue from the surface.

Signage:  If you manage or own a brewpub, you'll need menu holders (like our top loading break resistant sign holder or black counter mat with insert), and coasters (like our acrylic square napkin holder coasters). A taproom that doesn't have a menu but encourages a bring-your-own-food policy can frame a flyer in our 8.5 x 11 wall mounted top loading acrylic sign holder. The easy-to-update sign holder can also announce a food truck schedule or special events. Not to mention magnetic signage.

Display cases: Whether you sell pint glasses or goblets, snifters, or stein mugs, show your beer glassware in a large acrylic display case. We have a variety of floor standing display cases and wall mounted display cases. Or, our acrylic 5 sided box can be used like cubbies and combined to create a custom breweries display cabinet.

Acrylic risers: Showcase various brews without blocking the view of your beautiful brewery space by using our acrylic risers to create a breweries display case. A flanged stair step can highlight your entire list of beers. An acrylic backlit stair step riser will make the lineup even more visible in a more dimly-lit taproom. 

At shopPOPdisplays we provide a wide range of display cases for breweries. From signage to wood barrels and shelving displays, our supply of high-quality wooden and acrylic products is always competitively priced. View our selection and order today. If you have specific requirements, we are always ready to provide custom-sized or custom-printed products, so contact us today.