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Laundromats offer the necessary amenities for those lacking personal laundry facilities at home. However, for renters and homeowners alike it is not always easy to navigate to the nearest laundromat. A lot goes into creating durable and effective laundromat displays and utilities, so that folks can gain awareness of what coin-op laundry facilities are closest to their living space and what services their facility offers. Having an effective laundromat sign is essential to creating brand awareness for your community laundromat facility. In addition, it is also important to ensure that your facility is stocked with the displays, signs, and supplies to create an optimal experiment for your customers.
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Waiting is an essential part of visiting laundromats. With the popularity of remote work during and post-pandemic times, making it a desirable space to catch up on work for students and professionals alike. It’s also a suitable place to catch up on a little relaxation as many laundromats have televisions in their waiting lobbies. With all of that in mind, having the right furniture in place makes for a more pleasant consumer experience. Our 31” high clear acrylic table, light oak triple sled base sofa, and light oak magazine rack end table are ideal for making an optimal environment for customers waiting for their belongings to be ready.

Another clever space-saving idea for your laundromat is to use our transportable displays like portable pedestals as optional work surfaces to ensure that consumers have access to ample space as they try to multitask while getting their laundry done!

Hanging our wall mounted side loading acrylic sign holders around your facility to label where washers, dryers, and drying racks are located or to advertise your Wi-Fi name and passwords. Our sign holders are an organized way to direct your consumers to amenities without having to have to involve the instruction of a sales representative.

At shopPOPdisplays we offer an array of laundromat displays and supplies to help optimize your storefront while creating unmatched brand loyalty and a relaxing experience as your guests catch up on one of life’s most necessary chores. Contact our team with any questions.

Laundromat Design Tips & Ideas:

Optimize Your Waiting Area Furniture: Enhance the layout of your laundromat with premium laundromat displays and furniture that accommodates the most popular pastime in laundromats—working and reading. Create a comfortable environment with our line of waiting room chairs and furniture. Enhance your facility’s waiting space with our medium oak magazine rack coffee table with black granite top or perhaps strategically place single sled base chair with arms with laminate cube table pedestals in between chairs to maximize individual work space.

Magazine Displays to Creatively Occupy Consumers: Provide your guests with plenty of reading material that will enhance their stay at your facility. Use our medium oak or light oak 8 magazine or 16 brochure wood rotating counter top display and fill it with some of the most popular journals and magazines chock full of the latest news and gossip. It’s the perfect way to occupy customers who show up empty handed and looking to be entertained as they wait.

Portable Displays for Easy Workspace Solutions: Whether you are trying to create sufficient space for folding clothing or offer more areas for guests to use laptops, tablets or other electronic devices, we have an extensive selection of portable flat-packed displays that can easily be stored when your facility doesn’t warrant the extra resources. From portable display pedestals to our 3 tier acrylic display shelves, these convenient areas allow for a quick and efficient way to set up an impromptu work area or even offer extra space to fold or hold personal belongings.

Chalkboard Signs for Clever Messaging: Attract consumers with clever artwork and messaging with one of the best choices of a laundromat sign there is—chalkboard signs from shopPOPdisplays. Ideal for placing on walkways and outside of entrances, this is a remarkable way to connect to guests who have yet to visit your facility. Use humor or clever phrases to get them to notice you and walk in for first time use!

Directional Sign Holders: Choose from our selection of wall mounted sign holders and floor standing sign holders to effectively label areas of your laundromat. Having the correct laundromat sign in the right place makes a difference when consumers are in a rush. From washers and dryers to dry cleaning areas and wash and fold drop-off, be sure to point your consumers in the right direction upon arrival!

Flags & Banners for Advertising: Ensure that your laundromat will not be missed no matter who is passing by from the street. Showcase your facility with prominent laundromat displays outside and custom flags and banners from shopPOPdisplays. Grab the attention of passerby traffic and promote sales, specials, and discounts all with the customized touch of our outdoor laundromat displays that will optimize visibility for high-traffic environments.

Interested in learning more about how to elevate the look and feel of your laundromat? Contact one of our display specialists at shopPOPdisplays and learn more about how our team can custom solutions that meet your exact needs and requirements!