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It's no secret that many people find going to the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) stressful. Between long waits and lots of paperwork, it is one of those chores that people often seek online service support or put off until they have no other alternative than to go in person. But it doesn't have to be that way. In fact, a big part of making the DMV process easier for everyone—from visitors to employees—is to make sure the space is well-organized with DMV displays.

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Everything is easier when people know where to go and what to do, so directional signage is key. Essential directional signage include wall-mounted, floor standing and countertop. Keeping people informed through DMV displays will also save employees on time since they'll have less questions to answer.

Lines can stay organized with the help of floor standing room dividers, while employees can be kept safer from germs with plexiglass sneeze guard shields.

Literature holders offer plenty of options in keeping paperwork organized, making them an important DMV display option. Newspaper and publication holders can be used to hold the multitude of paperwork at the DMV, while information about the location can be stored in a brochure holder.

And people will feel much better spending their time at the DMV when seated in comfortable furniture.

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DMV Display Ideas

Keep people moving in the right direction with well-placed signage, which makes it an important part of creating effective DMV displays. Floor standing displays, such as our sturdy 22" x 28" poster stands with flat bases, can perfectly display large signs, such as DMV hours, line assignments, and departments. Wall mounted signs—including shopPOPdisplays' 8.5” x 11” wall mounted top loading acrylic sign holder—can be placed outside restrooms and offices. And countertop signage, including our 8.5x11 inch bottom loading clear plastic sign holder, should be set up near tables where visitors will be filling out any paperwork.

There's lots of paperwork to be done at the DMV – license renewals, vehicle registrations, driving tests, title changes, and more. While many services can be done online, many people still choose in-person visits to fill it out once they arrive, so DMV displays are needed. Newspaper and publication holders, like shopPOPdisplays' medium oak two pocket wood newspaper holder with acrylic front, can keep it all organized.  Information about the specific DMV location and services, as well as any other pamphlets and brochures, are easy to find with mahogany 8 pocket wood brochure holder with acrylic holder.

Our 72" tall clear acrylic floor standing divider can maintain physical separation and keep line lanes organized. A ceiling hanging sneeze guard shield or the economy countertop sneeze guard with pass through opening can keep employees protected from germ spreading.

People will be happier at the DMV if they have some comfortable furniture to sit on while they wait. Our Light Oak Triple Sled Base Sofa is stylish, economical, and comfortable—and built to last. It also comes in a medium oak wood finish, as well as six designer fabrics with Teflon stain-repellent finish. And the light oak single seat bench can be a big safe saver for smaller DMV locations.