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From businesses and schools to apartment buildings and official post offices, the mailroom plays a vital role in the flow of communication. This integral space is responsible for sorting through outgoing and incoming correspondence, making sure that essential information makes it to the correct person or department. So, keeping the mailroom organized is critical. Luckily, shopPOPdisplays has a variety of mailroom displays that can organize envelopes, packages and make mailroom supplies easy to find.

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When it comes to keeping mailroom supplies in order, some simple ideas include mailroom displays like brochure holders that keep letter-sized envelopes in place, organized by department or in alphabetical order. And slatwall displays can be equipped with various shelves, trays and bins for mailroom supplies, while keeping floor space free for larger more cumbersome deliveries. In addition, placing  locking cabinets in your mailroom display design is a good idea if valuable merchandise is expected.

Of course, mailroom signage is necessary so employees know where to find and place the distinct types of mail that will be coming in each day. Wall mounted signs will free up counter space and keep the area clutter-free. Different areas of the mailroom can also be separated—making for easy sorting—with our room dividers, which can be quickly moved around or stored elsewhere if needed.

Mailroom Display & Design Ideas

Mailroom signage is needed so that all incoming and outgoing mail is put in the right place, and mailroom supplies are easy to find, which facilitates efficiency and saves time. Our 17 x 11 wall mounted side loading acrylic sign holder is not only eye-catching but will also keep counterspace free of clutter for incoming items or picking up packages. Of course, if you do need countertop signs, check out our slant back sign holder. It won't take up much space but can still showcase important info around the mailroom.

Literature and brochure holders are handy mailroom displays since both can be used to keep letter-size envelopes organized. Sort them by department or in alphabetical order—whatever works best for your mailroom. Customers love our medium oak 8 pocket wood brochure holder with acrylic holder for its space-saving convenience.

Room dividers can enable you to separate sections of the mailroom by category, department, or package type. Consider barriers for diverse types of mailroom displays. This 72" tall clear acrylic floor standing divider is easy to transport as needed so you can set up a temporary mailroom display on a whim or for a specific project like sweepstakes, surveys, or even letters to Santa. Looking to open floor space? Take a look at the polycarbonate ceiling hanging sneeze guard shield.

Many workplaces are still being cautious when it comes to the spread of Covid and other safety hazards. Sneeze guards with pass throughs provide mailroom staff (and all personnel) another layer of protection from germs when handing out mail for delivery or accepting incoming packages.

Like any department, mailrooms also have supplies—envelopes, packing tape, labels, box cutters, scissors, and more. Slatwall displays can keep mailroom supplies organized and easy to find through the use of shelves, trays and bins—all while keeping the floor open for larger, heavier, or cumbersome deliveries. These gridwall baskets can hold larger envelopes, as well as file folders to tame clutter and save sorting time.

Our black knockdown stacking baskets can also hold medium-sized packages, and the wheels make it a breeze to move around the mailroom to transport items. Additionally, the mobile three tier wood and basket display can also help organize mailroom supplies and packages.

And employees can put in requests and suggestions on how the mailroom can run better with the jumbo acrylic ballot box with viewable header.

For questions on these mailroom supply organizers and customized mailroom displays and mailroom signage, contact our team, we'll gladly assist you.