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Healthcare: Hospital, Pharmacy, & Medical Office Displays

Data shows that global healthcare spending could reach over $10 trillion in 2022, with the United States spending twice what other countries do on healthcare, at $10,224 per capita. Healthcare has always played an important part in our lives, and the pandemic made it even more apparent how important healthcare facilities are in our daily lives. With that in mind, making sure they run efficiently and effectively is crucial in improving the public’s quality of life.

From primary care physicians and specialists to pharmacies and laboratories, healthcare displays are one way to make sure medical offices run smoothly. Options including brochure holders, flags, portable displays, and sneeze guards (just to name a few) can make all the difference in keeping a healthcare location organized and easy to navigate. At shopPOPdisplays, we know the importance of a clean and safe healthcare environment. We stock and custom make signage, displays, barriers, and more to support you in making your space a safe haven for your patients, clients, and personnel. Contact us with any questions or for more information. We’re here to assist you.

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Subcategories in Healthcare: Hospital, Pharmacy, & Medical Office Displays


Healthcare Display Use Cases

Here are some ideas for a variety of healthcare displays:

Physician’s Office -

Patients can easily reach for doctors’ and specialists’ contact info with our 6 Pocket Tiered Wood Business Card Holder in mahogany, medium oak, and light oak.
Allow patients to check in on their own when they enter with this fabric iPad / tablet stand.
This freestanding clear shield sits on a table or counter, allowing medical offices to setup a protected temperature screening area. An essential medical office display.


Direct parents to the right area to sign-in and checkout with our 11x14 top loading double sided premium break-resistant sign holder.
New parents are often looking for helpful information on a variety of topics. Keep brochures and pamphlets organized with this medical office display, the 16 pocket wood rotating counter top brochure holder, available in medium oak, mahogany, and light oak.
Kids aren’t always great about covering their mouths when they cough and sneeze, so protect staff with economy countertop sneeze guard with pass through opening.


Allow patients and visitors to navigate hospital areas with ease with the 7.5' S shaped fabric stand custom print.
A quintessential healthcare display, the polycarbonate ceiling hanging sneeze guard shield can protect both staff and patients from germs.
When an area starts to get crowded with patients, use this floor standing clear acrylic room divider shield to keep everyone at a safe distance.

Dental Office

Make the wait for patients a bit nicer by offering the latest publications in this two pocket wood magazine holder with acrylic front.
Dentists and hygienists always need gloves handy and the acrylic two box glove dispenser medical office display will make sure they are always nearby.
Keep extra floss, toothbrush and mini toothpastes organized in this acrylic 5 drawer organizer.


From pickups, drop-offs and vaccination areas, signage is important in a pharmacy. You can keep counterspace free by utilizing floor standing sign displays, like this chrome metal display stand with two tiers.
Encourage social distancing with our economy retail counter sneeze guard with 18" tall pass-through opening.


Our acrylic bio-hazard personal shield allows lab personnel to clearly see their work surface without the worry of getting exposed to any dangerous materials.
It can’t hurt to remind people to wash their hands often with these pre-printed signs.
This portable floor standing sneeze guard can be moved around a lab with ease.

Veterinarian Offices

Keep treats nearby in an acrylic 5-sided box with hinged lid.
From available services, hours of operation and items for sale, our assortment of top loading signs make sharing information with pet owners a snap.

Nursing & Retirement Homes

Make navigating around the location easier with wall mounted top loading acrylic sign holders.
Place acrylic hand sanitizer dispenser holder around the home to remind employees and visitors to sanitize their hands often.

shopPOPdisplays carries a variety of stock and custom merchandise like signage for hospitals and pharmacies as well as medical office displays and healthcare displays for alternate or satellite facilities and sites. View our selection and order today! Contact us with any questions or for more information. We’ll gladly assist you.