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The pandemic has brought a new appreciation for convenience stores or c-stores. Many customers felt more comfortable making quick trips to c-stores to buy essentials and found that many had the products they wanted in stock. In fact, according to the National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) two in three convenience retailers reported that their in-store sales were higher in 2021 than in 2020. And, in 2020, industry sales were reported to be a record at $255.6 billion, according to the NACS State of the Industry Report of 2020 Data.

That’s great news for c-store retailers, but operators will need to retain these new customers. Whether you’re a retailer refreshing stores or expanding and opening additional locations, it means new convenience store shelving and convenience store displays. Do you have what you need to serve a growing customer base? If not, shopPOPdisplays can help supply it. We carry a variety of convenience store shelving, displays, and more for your convenience store. In stock and ready to ship. Contact us with any questions, we’ll gladly assist you.

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How do you organize a convenience store?

The grid layout is popular for convenience stores because it features aisles in the center of the space and refrigerators or food service along the back wall or around the perimeter. Shoppers will need to walk down or past the aisles to buy their sandwiches, hot coffee, or cold beverages (and may be tempted to make additional purchases along the way). Keep in mind that shoppers tend to move in a counterclockwise direction in a store, so place premium or popular products to the right of the entrance inside the store (aka, the “power wall”).

How do you display food in a convenience store?

Besides an uptick in sales, c-stores are seeing their consumer tastes changing from junk food to healthier, fresh food purchases. Besides the usual mix of coffee bar, sandwich stations, and refrigerated goods, a mix of floor-standing and countertop displays will help you integrate these new food trends. Borrow a merchandising idea from the supermarkets and group organic or gourmet foods together. Organizing displays to promote flow so customers can seamlessly move from areas like a to-go premade sandwich bar to a beverage section.

What makes a good convenience store display?

A good convenience store display is aesthetically pleasing to a customer while showing a wide variety of products. Popular items should be easy to see, but make sure customers don’t miss other products they may be interested in. Tiered tables, risers, and freestanding bins make items easy to find and accessible. For fresh fruit and other perishables, be sure to include signs to draw attention and move inventory before it expires. For fresh fruit displayed in baskets, make sure they are full. No one wants to buy the last apple.

What types of displays are best for convenience stores?

Convenience stores pack a lot of products into a small footprint. To maximize space, consider using a variety of convenience store displays, such as freestanding shelves, racks, and bins, and vertical space savers like slatwalls and/or gridwalls. For countertop displays, choose risers, dump bins, baskets, and locking acrylic cases for items with age requirements like tobacco products. Place higher shelving on the perimeter walls and lower shelving units in the middle section to allow for visibility to the back and sides of the store. This not only benefits the shopper, but also the store itself as the visibility helps to reduce theft. Additional convenience store displays include tables, magazine racks and literature holders, and freestanding racks that can be moved when necessary.

How can I improve safety for the store clerk?

Aside from the technology of security systems to keep employees safe, there are other safety measures available utilizing convenience store displays. Protective barriers and sneeze guards situated at food stations and checkout registers protect employees and customers alike by reducing the spread of germs. Locking cabinet displays act as deterrents from theft, thereby reducing the threat of safety. Posting an emergency exit strategy in sign holders throughout the location alert employees to the best route during an emergent situation.

Consider These Convenience Store Display Ideas:

Maximize c-store merchandising with display and fixture options from shopPOPdisplays. We have convenience store shelving and more—in stock and ready to ship.

  • 4 Tier Round Willow Basket Display Rack - Create cross-merchandising opportunities near beverage areas—pastries near the coffee counter; chips near the self-serve soda fountain—with our Four Tier Round Willow Basket Racks. They’re beautiful, yet durable and are an ideal way to showcase a variety of merchandise. Available in a variety of other styles and sizes as well.
  • 3 Tier Countertop Display - Research has shown that 84% of shoppers always or many times purchase extra items when in store. This display stylishly and neatly corrals impulse buys, such as fruit, wrapped pastries or bagels, or even non-perishables like hand sanitizer at food stations or at checkout.
  • 4’ Ledgetop Retail Counter with Drawer and 2 shelves - Never miss an opportunity to sell one more product. Our cash wraps help you do just that. Our retail counter features an outer slatwall display to stock impulse items like gum, toiletries, and OTC medications.
  • Round Shelf Wire Rack - Popcorn, chips, nuts, and more can be stored in a tower of 3 round wire baskets. Standing at nearly 5 ft. with a sign holder at the top to display price or product marketing to help draw attention to new products or perishables.
  • 3 Tier Square Display Table - Display seasonal items or popular products in the space’s power wall. That’s the area directly to the right after the customer walks in the front door. The multiple levels of this 3 tier table are perfect for seasonal items. For example, an arrangement of Spring plants and bouquets, seeds, potting soil, and gardening gloves may spur the last-minute bouquet purchaser to pick up gardening supplies on impulse.
  • Acrylic Adjustable Dump Bin Display - Candy sales reached an all-time high in 2021, with sales up 11 percent in 2021 versus the prior year, according to the third annual 2022 State of Treating report published by the National Confectioners Association. Place candy front and center at checkout with a countertop acrylic adjustable dump bin display. Removable dividers provide flexibility to divide the bins as needed.
  • Acrylic Locking Wall Mount Display Cases - Tobacco products, including vapes and e-cigs, should be securely stored and displayed behind the counter. This cabinet features adjustable shelving as well as locks for restricted items while allowing customers to see them clearly.
  • Convertible Wall Mount Brochure or Magazine rack - Strategically placed near the lottery ticket counter or the checkout, these simple wall mounted units will display a range of reading material for customers.
  • Custom Printed Table Covers - Make a tablecloth do double duty by customizing to promote a store special or any of your convenience store displays. Or use to define specific area, like online or app order pickup, in your store.
  • Sneeze Guards - Retail barriers, such as sneeze guards, will keep everyone’s health in mind at the coffee bar and/or sandwich station. Countertop and hanging sneeze guards can be customized by size, mounting preference, and even with printed messages or logos.

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