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Buying a car is one of the most expensive purchases one makes—especially these days—making even loyal customers comparison shop. shopPOPdisplays’ industry-focused car dealership displays will help drive traffic to your showroom and engage customers while they are there, supporting the sales process. We stock and supply high quality car dealership displays and signs for your showroom, car lot, and facilities, including display stands, pedestals, signs, brochure holders, banner and flag advertising, and more. Need custom displays and signage to promote your brand? That’s our specialty! Contact shopPOPdisplays for custom sizing and printing options!
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Car Dealership Display Tips That Drive Sales!

A successful car dealership display does more than highlight your featured car models. It should create a welcoming environment for customers while emphasizing the values of your business. At shopPOPdisplays, we have stock and custom products to help you present an on-brand showroom that draws traffic and drives sales.

  • Retail Barriers. - Follow safety and sanitation protocols with plexiglass dividers. Plexiglass standing dividers can be used in waiting areas in the showroom and service department to maintain social distancing. Clear acrylic barrier shields put customers and salespeople at ease when negotiations are taking place. They can be ordered with access holes or can be raised a few inches to accommodate the exchange of paperwork and payments. Tabletop shields can be used in the employee break room as well. If accompanying customers on test drives, vehicle sneeze guards are available that can be installed and removed quickly to create a barrier between the front and back seat of a car or SUV to keep everyone safe.
  • Acrylic Risers - Use display pedestals to show off in your showroom. Large floor models or smaller countertop models, such as acrylic cube risers, can display awards from the manufacturer, community, and industry organizations. Custom-printed pedestals that emphasize special promotions are always an option, too. In the service department, U-shaped risers or shelf risers can display a variety of automotive accessories available for purchase—think air fresheners and cleaning cloths; phone mounts and touch screen protectors; and tire puncture sealants and gauges.
  • Display Stands - A variety of Z-stands and J-stands can be placed throughout the showroom or service waiting areas as decoration that promotes your brand and auto dealership. The angled design of the easels provides a clear view for customers. Use to hold car dealership signs, business cards, display plaques, or even a framed photograph of your dealership’s ribbon-cutting ceremony—whether that was yesterday or decades ago.
  • Display Boxes and Cases - Have fun with your car dealership displays! While you can’t fit your showroom’s car model in an acrylic case, you can place a toy model inside to promote a featured car in your inventory. From die-cast kits, plastic molded models, and don’t forget LEGO® kits, you’re sure to find many antique, classic, sports models, and more to create a fun car dealership display. Countertop display cases can hold point-of-sale purchases in the sales department or snack items in the waiting room. While guests are waiting for their car to be serviced you can ask them to fill out a survey and place in the suggestion box. Or use to collect contest entries for in-showroom promotions.
  • Signage - Clear acrylic keeps attention on the content that’s being displayed in car dealership signs. Whether you want to promote current sales and incentives or service specials, we carry a large assortment of styles and sizes of sign holders and frames. Wall mount and table top acrylic easels create a seamless display for seasonal marketing; poster frames and stands make a big impact for showcasing your brand; sign holders with suction cups can be used as name plates for sales offices; and customized counter mats can be placed as a pad for people to sign paperwork or as a space-saving strategy to promote seasonal sales at the service and parts desk checkout.
  • Tablet Holder - You can use tablets for guest/customer check-ins, to play advertisements on a loop in the service waiting area or allow any waiting customers to look at your inventory or virtually build their new automobile. But you need to have a place to park the tablet. A selection of countertop and floor standing tablet holders are available in a rainbow of colors. Freestanding models stand out in a showroom by being customized with your branding or logo.
  • Literature and Pamphlet Holders Organized promotional materials make a difference in getting your message across. Consider printed materials, such as brochures, that showcase the latest car models, or smaller pamphlets detailing manufacturer’s maintenance plans or financing options and applications. All of these should be clearly visible in pamphlet and brochure holders for customers to grab and glance at their leisure. They are available in different sizes, materials, and price points. There are even options for space-saving wall mounted holders to maximize car dealership displays.
  • Business Card Holders - Some customers really do need to “sleep on it” before accepting an offer. Make sure that no one leaves without a business card. A variety of single pocket business card holder for desks, including colorful acrylic cube card holders that match your branding and acrylic sign/business card holder combos, are available. Also, if interested, we carry a wide selection of multi pocket business card displays for putting your entire team’s cards in one place in the showroom, reception, or service department.
  • Banner and Flag Advertising - Portable, affordable, and durable flags are a great way to customize your marketing. You can use flags to announce your location’s entrance so potential customers don’t drive by or promote a sales event on the showroom floor and/or outdoor lot. Available in various shapes and sizes to accommodate different uses and budgets, banners and flags can be custom printed on one or both sides. Available in feather, teardrop or rectangular sign shapes, flags feature a spike for outdoor use or a cross base, suitable for indoor or outdoor use for any car dealership signage.
  • Tables - Custom printed pedestals featuring your branding placed strategically in the showroom creates visual interest beyond your showroom models. Portable acrylic tables offers benefits such as flexibility, space saving, and light weight when used for display purposes in the showroom. Offer style and comfort to customers with waiting room furniture, like coffee tables and side tables. If you need chairs and benches, cushions are available in different fabrics and colors to suit your space. Matching newspaper, magazine, and brochure holders provide functional amenities to your waiting room.
  • Office Supplies - When the sales team is not out on the floor or on the lot, they need office supply tools to work efficiently. Binder stands, cell phone holders, and other office organizers can keep their supplies at hand to maximize productivity as well as promote better ergonomics for a healthier team.

Car Dealership Displays To Consider

  • Flag Customers Down - Custom printed retractable and non-retractable display banners and flags can highlight seasonal/holiday sales, reinforce branding in high-traffic areas in your building, or signal the service department entrance from the lot.
  • Create A Model Car Showcase - In the showroom, create a fun car dealership display with a miniature model. Display a die-cast kit, plastic molded model, or a LEGO® kit in an acrylic case.
  • Spotlight Safety First - Clear Acrylic Barrier Shields put customers and salespeople at ease when negotiations are taking place. They can be ordered with access holes or can be raised a few inches to accommodate the exchange of paperwork and payments.
  • Be Business Card Ready - Colorful acrylic cube card holders (available in five colors) that match your branding are an eye-catching way to entice customers to grab your business card.
  • Offer Customer Service Convenience - Park a tablet on a countertop or floor standing tablet holder so guests/customers can check in for service or virtually build their new automobile while they wait for a salesperson.
  • Rave About Awards - Plaques and certificates of recognition can be framed and hung on walls in offices/cubicles, showroom, reception, and waiting areas.
  • Make It All About Accessory Add-Ons - Display automotive accessories—air fresheners, cleaning cloths, phone mounts, touch screen protectors, tire puncture sealants, gauges, etc.—on U-shaped risers or shelf risers at the checkout or waiting room. Acrylic tiered risers can creatively show off paint colors or automotive touch-up paint to purchase. Likewise, customized counter mats can be placed at checkouts or on sales desks as a pad for people to sign paperwork.