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Whether you work in a retail store, an office environment, or an educational institution, one thing is for certain—you and your staff need to take breaks to stay productive! Having a well-designed break room in the facility is essential to the comfort and care of your employees. At shopPOPdisplays our break room displays; furniture and signage selection will add to your break room ambiance while offering a space for your staff to relax and reset. No matter if it’s office personnel, staff, customers or clients wanting to grab a cup of coffee, sit down, enjoy their lunch, or simply read a new book, we have a wide range of waiting room furniture, acrylic furniture, signage, and office organizers that can help enhance their down time.

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Consider our acrylic 4 compartment dump bin organizer near the break room’s coffee station or microwave to neatly organize utensils. Positive reinforcement goes a long way! Add motivational and encouraging messaging on the wall by hanging inspirational posters and signs and protect it with our wall mounted side loading acrylic sign holders. Create comfortable seating with our medium oak triple sled base sofa or offer easy eating, snacking, and reading stations with our “31 high clear acrylic table and use our acrylic one piece tray to display complimentary snacks and treats.

If space is an issue, consider using collapsible break room displays like portable multifunction display pedestals and our acrylic 3 shelf knockdown display for placing condiments and other essential snack time must haves. These convenient portable items easily set up and stow away in seconds depending on the number of people in the space. Portable displays offer flexibility and allow you to clear out the area if there is a special event such as a birthday celebration or promotion party happening in the break room (or easily transport them to other areas in the facility for various functions).

From furniture, office organizers, to signage, shopPOPdisplays has all of your break room display needs. Contact one of our knowledgeable display experts to discuss customized options to meet all your unique break room display requirements.

Break Room Design Tips & Ideas:

  • Create a Quiet Restorative Area: For many working individuals taking a break is equivalent to their daily dose of mindful meditation. That’s why it is important to have accommodating furniture in your break room to help staff rejuvenate in ease and comfort. At shopPOPdisplays, we suggest adding our light or medium oak triple sled base sofas to your break room space to maximize comfort whether it’s for a few minutes or longer!
  • Curate a Snack Nook: Create a snack sanctuary for employees and personnel by building a simple coffee bar corner or complimentary snack tray. Additionally, use  acrylic 4 compartment dump bin organizers from shopPOPdisplays to best organize creamers, stirrers, sugar packets, and flavored syrups and our acrylic one piece tray to present company provided snacks like granola bars, cupcakes, chip bags or popcorn, and keep your employees feeling satisfied and appreciated.
  • Design a Quiet Corner: For some employees, their break is the only time of the day they can keep up on their dose of daily news or dig into a novel they have been meaning to read. Outfit your break room with our light oak single standard leg chairs with arms and magazine holders in your break room display plan, to provide employees with a comfortable and quiet space to unwind.
  • Create a Personal Pop-Up Workspace: Work breaks are oftentimes the best time to catch up on personal correspondence, projects, or emails. Providing portable workstations around the break room would be an ideal way to allow your staff to tend to personal projects during their down time. Simply set up stations that make it easy to plug in a laptop or prop up a tablet. At shopPOPdisplays we have an extensive line of portable pedestals and pop up counters that support makeshift workstations.

At shopPOPdisplays we are fully stocked with all your break room display needs. Contact one of our sales specialists today to discuss options that can be perfectly tailored for your work environment.