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Fitness Center Displays and Gym Signage

In the world of fitness, you are aware that owning or managing a gym, yoga studio, or other wellness clubs comes with many display needs, signage usage, and directional demands. Having clear and concise fitness center signs are one of the leading display must-haves when properly promoting your gym services and effectively communicating with gym members and guests.

From motivational placards for locker rooms, rules signage, to customizing outdoor banners and flags with mascots and special logos, appropriate gym signage is crucial to your fitness center’s energy, business, and overall success. It also helps prospective members find out about latest programs, services, and events while promoting a healthy and positive lifestyle.

From the moment a prospective member enters your gym, a reception station set up with an ample amount of program or class schedules, wellness guides, and membership brochures should be available to inform your new clients about the amenities and services the center offers. Consider setting up literature holders or pamphlet holders near the greeting station to provide as much information to new members as possible all while keeping promotional material neat and organized. You may also want to have portable displays on hand to set up and knock down as needed—allowing new members to comfortably fill out paperwork in a private area.

At shopPOPdisplays we make counter mats with custom inserts that are perfect for placing on desks, countertops, reception areas, or the snack bar. These handy counter mats can have any messaging printed on them—from gym rules and business sponsorships to Wi-Fi access, they are a convenient and clever way to reinforce branding and messaging to customers. The reception area is also an ideal spot to provide members and guests with free handouts and giveaways. Stock free branded keepsakes like pens, keychains, and magnets in an acrylic adjustable dump bin display as it can be easily repositioned and holds a large volume of small items. Add business card holders as customers can take the gym information home with them and even refer a friend.

Locker rooms are an integral area of a wellness center that will need optimal storage areas like cubbies, baskets, and shelving for gym accessories such as yoga mats, ropes, and foam rollers. At shopPOPdisplays we have a large assortment of basket displays and knockdown stacking baskets that can serve as a temporary or permanent space for vital workout accessories. Fitness center signs should be strategically placed inside locker rooms to gently remind members of gym rules, instructions, hours of operation, and more.

At shopPOPdisplays, we also have an extensive line of multipurpose portable and collapsible pedestal displays that can be easily positioned in any area of your gym or fitness center that may need an impromptu table top for enjoying a post-workout smoothie, or space for personal items like keys or smartphones.

Don’t forget the merchandise. Add style and functionality to your fitness center with an assortment of wooden shelving that that seamlessly showcases your branded gym merchandise like water bottles, towels, t-shirts, and hoodies. Hang customized gym signage on these shelves to attract customers to purchase your goods for maximum brand exposure.

Whether you decide to customize key marketing fitness center signs and banners or want alternative custom solutions for your entire health or wellness center, we have everything you need from gym signs to shelving to elevate the look and feel of your gym. Contact us to learn more about our easy and affordable custom fitness center options.
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