8 Creative Ways Businesses Use Acrylic Sneeze Guards

Life in 2020 has been far from normal, and there have been plenty of new rules for businesses and government entities to follow just to keep operations going. Acrylic sneeze guards are one piece of equipment organizations have turned to keep staff and customers safe.

Retailers of all sizes have climbed on board. Walmart, for example, added sneeze guards to all 4,700 locations, along with its 600 Sam’s Club sites. Other large businesses, such as Albertson’s, Safeway, Kroger, Target and Whole Foods, have followed suit as well.


Here are eight ways acrylic sneeze guards show up in the world today to keep employees safe and productive, and the American economy on track. Look for these to be a part of our new normal for quite some time. You might want to consider whether they are needed in your business, too.





1.  Keeping fleets moving

Sneeze guards have found their way into many types of vehicles. For businesses that transport passengers, rideshare programs, and even companies with delivery teams that have more than one person in a vehicle, sneeze guards have allowed these operators to keep going. ShopPOPdisplays carries sneeze guards that can be used in cars, trucks, vans and just about any other type of vehicle. They’re adjustable and provide a reliable barrier that is easy to install and can be quickly disassembled for use in different situations, if needed.



2.  Inside schools

Schools have seen their share of operational changes this year. Teachers have learned to embrace hybrid learning environments, where some students who still require that in-person experience can have it, while others learn virtually. Today, on campuses, sneeze guards can be found in the front office, at individual desks inside classrooms, on teachers’ desks, and inside the student cafeteria for lunch in order to let children socialize with their peers.



3.  Collaboration in offices

While social distancing at work and in public is common today, some offices are using sneeze guards to allow teams to gather safely. Even with so much virtual work going on these days, gathering in person to share ideas and work through challenges is fundamental to many businesses.

Sneeze guards are a great way to keep face-to-face brainstorms and team check-in meetings alive. Products like this 4-way table divider and other plexiglass table divider systems allow team members to engage, briefly remove facemasks and effectively collaborate.



4.  Hospitality – let the games continue!

Let’s face it, many of us are itching to go on vacation, and millions of Americans love to unwind at a casino or resort. If you visit a casino today, you’ll find acrylic sneeze guards separating table game dealers from players. Slot machine enthusiasts can still play their favorite games and even chat with other players thanks to screens between the gaming machines. For the entertainment world, sneeze guards are one way operators can let the good times keep rolling.



5. Restrooms

Public restrooms have always been a sanitation hot spot. Today, acrylic sneeze guards are popping up at the bathroom sink, mounted onto existing urinal dividers and in other areas of public restrooms. Keeping your distance may be hard in these environments, so sneeze guards are providing a welcome added layer of protection.





6. Gyms

Many gyms have had a difficult time keeping their doors open in 2020. But those that have found success haven’t just embraced hygiene, social distancing practices and capacity limits. Many are also installing acrylic partitions between pieces of equipment. In the photos here, this gym can benefit by installing a portable standing divider between the treadmills and other cardio equipment. Sneeze guards can benefit smaller gyms, in particular, where social distancing can be a challenge.



7. Retail and restaurants

Restaurant sneeze guards and indoor dining dividers have become a popular option at eating establishments. Check-out stands leave ample open space beneath them for exchanging money or cards for transactions while dining dividers give a space an intimate or open feel, depending on the theme of the restaurant.




8. Courts

Court venues now utilize acrylic sneeze guards as well. They can be found on witness stands, as wraps around the judge’s platform, and between prosecution and defense teams.



Final thoughts

If you had to modify parts of your business or change your store layout in 2020, you’re not alone. Whether it’s acrylic sneeze guards or a revamp to boost floor traffic and sales, the team at shopPOPdisplays can help you keep your sales floor, office or restaurant safe, appealing and inviting for everyone. Many of our adjustable acrylic sneeze guards can also be customized with logos, imagery and text as well, a functional and aesthetically pleasing touch many of our customers appreciate.